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Stylist Customer Service??? Please. Want feedback. Thanks!


New Member
Jul 10, 2015
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Hi there. I need feedback from a STYLIST/Style/Hair industry customer service specialist and am hoping you can shed light on what is appropriate versus insulting from a professional's viewpoint. I am not sure...

I don't usually do forums. I am trying to figure out if I am a bad client, or if the stylist is responsible for not opposing a suggestion from an inexperienced person? I need a hair stylists' perspective.

My very close friend who has some hair styling experience and training so far asked to do my hair (color). He cuts my hair wonderfully... he does exactly what I ask and gets it right. However, when it comes to coloring, I am wondering if I am crazy or have too high of expectations for our customer service interactions. He is wonderful and I love him, but he keeps trying to push his views and assure me that he knows "what's up" and knows what is cute. But it's just not me. That's all. He colored my hair and it didn't turn out like I wanted. He assured me it was just how the dye turned out (not what I wanted) and that we needed to start over. I thought it was strange he was insisting it was the dyes fault.

********** IS THIS TRUE?

He then proceeded to assure me that we could wash it out and fix it. I trusted him. I know he is not entirely polished in the business, but I trusted his creativity. Lots of people love his work. We washed, stripped and went for round two. I suggested we just use the same cap so we didn't have to get another and that it wasn't a big deal. But I have no experience, but was just being practical (as I can often be). He seemed to slightly protest, but went with it. There was no argument or confrontation and I was not pushy... just a conversation about reusing the cap. He hesitated, but went with it.

********** Should he have insisted that we do not use the same cap? Was that pushing the boundary that I asked so? It was just a suggestion. Is that insulting? Or would you have just done a firm course correct? Protested? Or kept your mouth shut and did it anyways.

Now he is blaming me for suggesting we use the same cap due to the holes in it. Would you, as a stylist have insisted or just gone with what the client (me) who has no actual experience simply suggested? Or would have you absolutely told your client "no, we must use a new cap."? He is now blaming me for the cap issue... but I do not know how customer service works with hair.

***Was I wrong to do so? It was a suggestion from a person with no hair experience and he did not disagree. Is this something you would do as a professional stylist? Is that suggestion from a client totally insulting? Or would you have just told me what was up... in a nice manner of course.

Now that round two is over, things are looking better. But the conversation came up that I may not have perfect (potential spots) hair and that there should be no spots... but if there were, he could re-color and/or cut. I repeated that he should treat me just like a client for the experience. I am a former corporate professional who may have a very different view about customer service... especially in the beauty industry. But this "mock practice" seemed logical to me. Given that I am a friend, he used this (complimentary cut - free) as an excuse. He also insisted that I was not a client, but his friend. He was getting very upset at me over this. Does he have a right to???

***** Is this what you would have done with a friend???? I don't mean to be insulting, but I feel like this is not right. As a stylist, with friends that you have styled/cut/dyed their hair... was I asking too much or being unfair as a "free client friend"?

From a professional and personal perspective... what would you have done????

Thank you so much!!!!! I want to get a different stylist and don't want to be rude... but is this ok?

Thanks for listening. I am trying to figure out this situation. Have a nice day!!!!!!

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