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StyleForum Gift Giving Guide FW 2013 - Part 3 of 3

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by StyleforumRobot, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. StyleforumRobot

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    Jan 2, 2013
    StyleForum Vendors Gift Recommendations

    Text compiled and liberally edited by

    Unsure about what to purchase for the holiday season? Tired of buying terrible gifts that wind up in the garbage or shoved in a closet? Sick of gift receipts? Have no fear, StyleForum (no surprise here) comes to the rescue – our affiliates have been generous enough to comb through their stock to find gift recommendations that will work for almost everyone. Worse comes to worse, just keep everything for yourself. That’s the StyleForum spirit.

    If, in your family "Secret Santa", you drew the name of your: Brother

    1) Midnight Water Repellent Canvas Project Jacket
    Recommended by Taylor Stitch


    It’s not college anymore, and your brother should probably ditch that ratty North Face jacket that he’s been wearing for six and a half years and for far too many bar crawls. A much better choice is this Canvas Jacket from Taylor Stitch. Our favorite colorway is the midnight – a great dark blue that would match well with most things - and it’s water repellent finish will make sure that next spilled beer is an inconvenience, not a dry cleaning bill.

    2) Burgundy Pointed-End Knit Tie
    Recommended by Conrad Wu


    There are ties, and then there are ties. The former you pick up at a discount store for $5 and they’re made from synthetic fabrics. The latter… the latter you give as a gift and they help your no brother impress in that job interview you lined up for him. When he lands the job, you’ll know what the key to his success was, and you can both toast this tie (and he can pick up the tab).

    If you are lucky enough to need to get a gift for your: Son

    3) Sport Trainer in White Leather
    Recommended by Epaulet


    You know what’s a sweet moment? When your son is wearing sneakers from the same small New York-based retailer that makes your killer pants, shirts and jackets. Yep – that’s these Epaulet sneakers. A modern take on the classic sneaker pattern made famous by Adidas and Martin Margiela (you might not know the names, but trust us, they’re legitimate), they have all the street cred and provenance to make you both happy.

    4) Black Satin Bow-Tie
    Recommended by Henry Carter


    Occasions to wear black tie are few and far between in today’s ugly business casual world, but if there is an opportunity, you want your son to be well equipped, and this black satin bow tie from Henry Carter will stand him in good stead. Just imagine how great he’ll look next to a collection of rented tuxedos and vintage store finds. Now, teaching him to actually tie it, that’s another story.

    If you are lucky (and resilient enough) to need a gift for your: Significant Other

    5) Drake's Kelim Printed Scarf
    Recommended by The Hanger Project


    When you’re buying gifts for yourself – or raiding Black Friday discount sales – it’s important to remember the most important person in your life: your significant other. Without their blessing, who will bring in all those UPS and FedEx packages? This Drake’s scarf from the Hanger Project is stunning. Made from 100% silk and manufactured in Italy, it’s an excellent complement to any outfit, and will put you in your partner’s good graces for a long time to come.

    6) Filson Wool Tote
    Recommended by Crane's Country Store


    What’s more festive than a Filson wool tote? How about a Filson wool tote in a traditional wool tartan? This bag will put any others your significant other owns to shame – it’s well constructed, rugged, and has enough heft to actually stand up to all those bottles of water, bedazzled cell phones and uncapped lipstick tubes. As a bonus, if you accidentally grab it in the morning, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of difficult questions at the office.

    If you are lucky enough to need a gift for your: Father

    7) Navy Boat Shoes
    Recommended by Oak Street Bootmakers


    A good boat shoe is probably the best summer shoe available, and there’s no better time to buy one in the winter – it’s unexpected, it’s appreciated, and they’ll be ready as soon as the weather turns or in time for a winter getaway. Get your dad to swap his Sperry’s for this pair of navy boat shoes from Oak Street Bootmakers. Crafted out of Horween leather and manufactured in Chicago, they have all the features of a great pair of dress shoes wrapped up in a casual package. He’ll definitely thank you. You’ll just have to pretend not to see when he decides to wear them with a suit.

    8) Slim Tapered Khaki Selvedge Chino
    Recommended by 3sixteen


    These pants are the perfect mix of business and casual – a phrase that we hesitate to use but actually works here – and would have your dad looking great in the office and after work as he putters around the yard. Ditch the dad jeans for this pair, which features a five-pocket design and Japanese fabric, as well as a flattering fit that will work for most body types. Worse comes to worse, and they’re too aggressive for dad, you can just keep them for yourself.

    9) Kiton Silk and Cashmere Pocket Square
    Recommended by nSuited


    Speaking of sweet, here's a beautiful story from nSuited's Matthew about what he actually gave his father for Hanukkah. No editing needed: "As a StyleForum poster, I must say that I am proud of my father. For as long as I can remember he has worn Hickey Freeman and Allen Edmonds. To me, that signifies an inherent appreciation of quality and style. But certain elements of style remain absent from my dad's fashion vocabulary: words like luxury, color, flair, and excitement. For Hannukah this year, my father received a Kiton pocket square near the menorah. I think of it as a gateway to greater style appreciation. It's a staple piece for color and luxury."

    If you have a bit or a lot left over for your: Self

    10) Saint Crispin's Split Toe Derby
    Recommended by Leather Foot


    We really don’t need to say a lot about these shoes. They might cost a pretty penny, but it’s the holiday season, and generosity is the order of the day. In our book, giving to yourself counts as being generous.

    11) nonnative Explorer Lace Up Boots
    Recommended by Roden Grey

    You can’t wear those Saint Crispin’s all the time – and for those moments where the snow is too deep, or you have to throw on denim, you should buy yourself a pair of these nonnative boots. A thick Vibram wedge sole and a cowhide upper compliment a boot with just enough design to stand out. They’re even guaranteed to make security an airport an adventurous experience.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2013

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