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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by LA Guy, Nov 8, 2013.

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    StyleForum Vendors Gift Recommendations

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    Unsure about what to purchase for the holiday season? Tired of buying terrible gifts that wind up in the garbage or shoved in a closet? Sick of gift receipts? Have no fear, StyleForum (no surprise here) comes to the rescue – our affiliates have been generous enough to comb through their stock to find gift recommendations that will work for almost everyone. Worse comes to worse, just keep everything for yourself. That’s the StyleForum spirit.

    If you are lucky enough to need a gift for your: Father

    1) SEAWALL Jersey-Stitch Button Down
    recommended by Portland Dry Goods Co.

    This shirt forbids your father from taking his day off too seriously, (even if he did miss your performance as Oliver in "Oliver", a holiday memory you'll never forget.) Made of 100% USA-milled cotton jersey and sewn around the corner from the Portland Dry Goods Co. shop on Juki sewing machines, this shirt is soft and well cut, not too slim and not too full, and features shell buttons, trapunto stitching down the placket, a tacked down point collar and a buttonless collar stand, all details which look interesting enough that he won't be able to tell his co-workers "It's just some old thing, I've always had it."

    2) Dents Touchscreen Gloves
    recommended by Pediwear

    Made from Pittard’s leather, with a cashmere lining and conductive fingers, these gloves will help bring your dad out from the technological stone age and into the 21st century. Unfortunately, they won’t help with his texting.

    3) senhor PRUDÊNCIO Ari Shoes
    recommended by Wrong Weather

    Look, we know your dad always reaches for his Allen Edmonds or his Aldens (if you’re lucky), but part of being a good son is pushing boundaries, and what better way then a pair of exciting new shoes. This pair from senhor PRUDENCIO is made in Portugal, with goodyear construction and a chunky commando sole just begging for a golf course to chew up. At least its not another pair of New Balances.

    If, in your family "Secret Santa", you drew the name of your: Brother

    1) Scott Belt
    recommended by Equus Leather

    A good belt is hard to come by. Luckily Equus has your back. Their “Scott” belt makes other belts look like hobo-style rope belts used to hold up potato sack pants, and are great for shaming everyone around you. Manufactured in Devon, England of 12-13 oz. harness leather and finished to your own custom specifications, this belt will make people take even your screw up brother seriously.

    2) Carson Street Clothiers Wool/Silk/Mohair Scarf in Indigo
    recommended by Carson Street Clothiers

    This killer Wool/Silk/Mohair blend scarf from Caron Street Clothier’s serves two purposes. First, it’ll show your brother you care about him, which is always nice, and second, if he won’t shut up, it makes a great gag. The fabric blend provides plenty of warmth and comfort while maintaining a soft, luxurious hand.

    3) Barba Napoli Shirt
    recommended by Shop the Finest

    Any brother would be lucky to receive this Barba shirt. With a slim fit, and made from 100% cotton, it’s the definition of versatile - it can just as easily be worn with a pair of dress pants as a pair of your brother’s favorite jeans. The black and white check is classic, and if he doesn't immediately fall in love with it then you can always go with "plan b” and suggest that he can use it for any of the following games... chess, checkers, crossword puzzles, or sudoku!

    If you are lucky enough to need to get a gift for your: Son

    1) COVY’s Cover Shoes
    Recommended by A Fine Pair of Shoes

    Shoe covers are probably something that most people have never heard of, but look at them like this: if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on your sons shoes, why let him screw them up in the rain? This discreet pair of COVY’s, made from a 100% waterproof material in colors to match most shoes, are easy to clean and can be the difference between a $5 polishing and a $500 repair job.

    2) Montrose Balmoral Boot
    Recommended by Foster & Son

    The Montrose ankle boot is inspired by the classic Foster & Son Edwardian button boots. Whether your son is an aspiring dandy - at home with the upper classes at Ascot or Goodwood - or lives in his jeans, this will have him saying, “I’m an independent man in my own right,” as he stings you for a tenner for taxi fare.

    If you are lucky (and resilient enough) to need a gift for your: Significant Other

    1) White With Leaf Pocketsquare
    Recommended by Kent Wang

    How often have you had a woman snatch a pocket square from your breast pocket, exclaiming over your cute handkerchief? Pretty annoying, no? Solve that problem permanently by gifting this white linen pocket square from Kent Wang. Featuring a subtle leaf pattern, it’s appropriate in almost any context. Just warn your significant other that pocket squares and lipstick don’t match.

    2) Mismo Backpack in Khaki
    Recommended by Need Supply

    While this is technically a man's backpack, which gives the signal to other guys to back off, because this is her boyfriend/fiance/husband's backpack, or, that she might be a crazy hitchhiker who killed her last ride.

    If you have a bit or a lot left over for your: self

    1) Corter Leather "Bottle Opener" Key Hook
    recommended by Blue Owl

    This Corter Key Hook solves two dilemmas that face the modern man – how to always be prepared to open a bottle, and how to make sure you don’t lose your keys after imbibing that bottle and getting knocked on your ass. Crafted from a rugged copper that will age beautifully while standing up to years of abuse, it’s made by one man working out of Boston, Massachusetts.

    2) Buttero Tanino Leather Sneakers in Cuoio Brown Calf
    Recommended by No Man Walks Alone

    Relying on others for gifts is lame, because who knows what you want better than yourself? These Buttero sneakers represent a level of casual footwear that most men don't know exists. These shoes are made in Italy out of full grain calf, with a clean and classic design that speaks volumes without raising a fuss about it. These are the $20 gourmet hamburger of men's footwear - you might wonder why it's so much more expensive than a quarter-pounder at McDonalds, but after the first bite, all your questions are answered. (editor's note: wtf? I like a good quarter-pounder!)
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    Great guide!

    I've been using those exact Buttero sneakers as my daily sneakers for around a year now and I love them. My only critique is that the leather squeaks quite a bit but that's probably my fault for not maintaining them properly.

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    Excellent guide. Thanks!

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