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Style Inspo in Movies & TV (+etc.)


Distinguished Member
Jan 18, 2014
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Duke Santos

Distinguished Member
Feb 6, 2021
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The overly obvious low hanging fruit, but I thought it should get a mention.


David Niven in The Pink Panther


Senior Member
Mar 21, 2022
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glad to see someone else necro my thread!

One of my favourite shows for it's varied menswear is HBO's Gotham TV series, which if you don't know is a batman prequel series following Jim Gordons days as a detective at the GCPD, as well as batmans rogues gallery getting an extended edition of their typical villain backstory.

One of the main wardrobes that stuck out to me in this show (besides the penguins, obviously) is Edward Nygma's style in season 1, where he's the GCPD's forensic analyst, and being low on the totem pole professionally and socially, his wardrobe is very clearly thrown together second-hand stuff.
most interestingly, thanks to it's anachronistic setting, it's discernibly 60s in tie style and cut, though definitely more 'mailroom' than 'mad men'.
And he always wears these outfits with his (very characteristic) tie bar with an embedded question mark typewriter key, which try as I may I can't for the life of me find a tie bar in a similar shape.
What appears to be suede chukka boots, befitting of a less formal job position.
A dark 'sandwich-striped' blazer with pens stuffed in the breast pocket.
33b32ed0fd1232979030ccfc3d6c20c8.jpg 2c8b5220523dc13cbda78f68e45bc5cb.jpg e7067548cbf6b563d57b9a276defaa6a.jpg b6a1ca462e7fd4c50e326abb29dfd413.jpg f56ebf610756aab3e46e15083711a59f.jpg
An array of shirt and tie combos, all of the collars being somewhat short.
a 3 button suit with a brown gun-club check.
Another charcoal 3 button suit with a windowpane pattern.
Throughout season 1 he struggles against hallucinationatory projections of his repressed dark side (i cringed writing that) which is literally just him, but with messier hair, no glasses, and the exact same outfit except he wears a black shirt. Props to the costume designer for being efficient, I guess.

Production photo exposing his short sleeves.

an interesting flannel topcoat. Note the orphaned pinstripe trousers and sneaker-soled chukka boots.

Also, you might notice a lot of these photos have a slight 'painted' filter and the reds turned up to bring out the lips. This is probably a consequence of trying to find screengrabs for a show where really the only people in the fandom are boy-crazy tumblr girls. Yeesh.

The actor (Cory Michael Smith) also plays a much more conventionally well-dressed and vintage-styled character in Transatlantic, but its pretty much by the book as far as that goes. It does look good though.
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Thin White Duke

Distinguished Member
Dec 5, 2010
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To save e the bother of doing screen grabs again here are my top three - no surprises here …


Father Style

Senior Member
Nov 8, 2021
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I wrote an article on my site a few weeks ago about how liking and watching old movies will make you a better dresser. In my opinion, one of the best movies for classic menswear is Dial M For Murder.



May 28, 2024
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A recent interest of mine: Predator 2-core. Specifically, Danny Glover's character (Mike). He's got one other major outfit, which is just the shirt/pants from pic 2 (and a variant with a yellow shirt). I didn't feel like hunting for the few decent screencaps I could get of them from my 720p file. The combination of excessive heat, action, and a weird '90 prediction of '97 creates an interesting, if awkward, style.

The jackets are huge, able to accommodate the comparably massive pants. Broad shoulders and a modest waistline make it hard to notice the exaggerated hips. Whether the baggy jackets are necessary for the guns is debatable. Shoulder holsters don't tend to print much with regular cuts. However, Mike carries a deagle with an additional sight.

Example 1:
predator 2.png

This outfit is great, showing several concessions made to the heat. A camp collar shirt--hardly capable of handling a tie--is worn with a massive collar gap and the front blade made excessively long to shrink the knot. I could be wrong about the latter. As blurrily shown by the aftermath in the bottom-right picture, Leona having barely grabbed Mike's arm was enough to pull the collar under the tie.

The suit is double-breasted, and appears to be made of some sort of slubbed/mottled linen and/or silk. The suit makes him look hulking and awkward, helped in this regard by the other elements. As necessitated by the heat, the suit is worn open. The sleeves are ~2" too long, possibly made worse by the lack of friction from a long-sleeve shirt.

The color composition uses one of my favorite basic formulas, too. Dark brown suit, navy shirt, brown tie. Personally, I would've gone with a lighter brown for the tie, tucked into the pants or shirt placket--most likely the pants to avoid sweat-staining the silk.

Example 2:
predator 2 1.png

Running out of steam so I'll keep this one short. Funny button arrangement on the shirt, light core (pants/shirt/hat), jacket lends itself well to his skin tone.

glover dumpy.jpg

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