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Stubble & Shaving - converting to electric?!?!


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May 19, 2009
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Hey guys, I want to start styling and maintaining my beard. At the moment, I wet shave every 2-3 days. On the day I shave, it will look really good if I don't get spots/redness/cuts/bleeding. The day after, it doesn't look so great, third day looks scruffy. Therefore I'm looking respectable IMO for 1/3 my time, at a stretch 50%.

The other problem I have is a bit of stress induced alopecia due to hospital examinations. I have:

1) Sideburns not joining to beard (yet, they are growing back but blonde first, then eventually they'll go black as they usually do)
2) my neck hairline is very low. very very low. so Its very irritating because I don't even want hair there. How do I deal with this on a daily basis without having skin irritation?
3) My beard on my left cheek is higher than my right cheek by a lot, i.e.g the right side is lower than it should be due to hair loss (although once again, it is growing back).

I feel stubble does look good still, and I've read suggestions that you "fade" the cheeks anyway if they're uneven.

However, I've been taken aback by the range of shavers available. Groomers, Shavers, Trimmers... I just want a device or two devices which can:

1) Give me a brilliant dry and wet shave, the same or better than my Gillette Fusion blades
2) A brilliant device for styling my beard (preferably also trimming pubic hair, nose hair, eat hair when needed).

If someone could talk this newbie through the whole process of styling a beard, how long to wait between, how to do deal with the neck hair, I would really appreciate it.

The biggest problem I have is knowing what to buy! The ranges are massive.

Thank you guys for any help you can give as its hard talking about this IRL.

p.s. I do NOT want to go down the straight rasor route.. I tried that with the single blade thing and wet and it was not worth the effort for me.

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