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Strongest Pomade for Slicked Back Hair

Discussion in 'Health & Body' started by Evl32, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Evl32

    Evl32 New Member

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    Jan 3, 2019
    I started trying to slick my hair back with water-based pomade, but it wouldn't stay back, so I tried clay, cause I heard it had more hold. Still wouldn't stay back. I didn't want to start with wax or oil-based pomade because I know they're not great for your hair, but I wasn't getting nearly enough hold so I went for the wax. It works a little better, but still only holds at the start, then before long it's all fallen down in my face again. So, I'm thinking the next step is the strongest pomade on the market - any recommendations?

    My hair just reaches my shoulders, and it's straight and fine. I should also mention that I've experimented with many different methods to try and get it to stay back - blow-drying, less product, more product, combinations of products (mousse, hair-spray, sea salt, both on their own and combined with both water-based pomade and clay). Always the same result - my hair looks great and stays back for about 10 minutes, then it falls down and I'm just a guy with dirty messy hair. My girlfriend thinks I just don't have the right kind of hair to stay back, but I don't want to give up just yet. It seems like there's got to be a product that will work...

    Ideally I'd like a side part, like this:


    But if that doesn't work I'd be fine with just straight back, like this:



  2. Tck13

    Tck13 Distinguished Member

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    Mar 9, 2006
    Those first two pics don't look like pomade to me. If they are, it's a softer hold or water based pomade.

    If you want to use pomade to achieve a look like pic #3, then an oil based pomade will be the strongest. There are plenty of strong hold pomades such as maybe Lockhart's Goon Grease, Shear Revival Easy Tiger, Suavecito, etc.

    If strong hold oil based pomades don't give you the hold you want you might try blow drying your hair into the slicked back style and then applying the pomade (if you're not doing that already).

    You could also use gel (which is stronger than pomade but gives you that wet look and stays 'hard') or just get your hair cut shorter as it may be too heavy to do what you're trying to do. Finally, some type of hair spray would help also but this all sounds like a lot of work to achieve something that should really look and feel effortless.

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