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Stores with the Best Sales Assistants

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by theom-, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. whodini

    whodini Senior member

    Jul 16, 2006
    Loretto, KY
    Hey, that's nice and all but I just wanted a chest measurement on a flannel.
  2. Ozarks

    Ozarks Senior member

    Mar 24, 2008
    I typically don't shop retail as most stores don't stock my size, but the few times I've been to J.Crew locally they were quite good. The first time in I tried on a small but it felt too big, so I asked what the measurements of an XS were. One guy knew them off hand and he definitely wasn't an XS. Then they also let me use the student discount on top of an already running online sale.

    I look forward to visiting SE soon though. I always end up in the city just after closing time, so all I can do is peek in through the windows.
  3. nohomo

    nohomo Senior member

    Jun 17, 2009
    Bay Area, CA: (And i shop A LOT)

    -Horace at Borrelli! He makes it almost worth it to buy at retail......almost. I can't fucking belive he talked me into ordering 3 MTM shirts at full retail......[​IMG]
    -Some of the crew at Wilkes Bashford SF. Its really hit or miss but some of the staff are AWESOME even if they know you're not walking in with an unlimited checking acct (as most of their cust are)
    -Some of the crew at Barney's SF--5th Flr--some real gems of gents there.
    -Me--I take care of my customers
    -Some of the crew at Malouf's Burlingame.

    IMO, a good salesperson at a high end store knows how to "invest" in their customers--as in they're not alwyas looking for the quick sale and know that if the service is there, you become customers for life. Sale rack today, Kiton Floor tomorrow.

    Having said that, the BAD:
    MOST of the SA at Wilkes, Palo Alto
    Neiman Marcus--pretty much every one I've been to but especially SF+PA
    MOST of the staff at Bloomingdale's SF except the Shoe dept--
    FERRAGAMO SF--OMG ARE THEY FUCKING BAD. 1st time I went in there, thought it was a fluke but the chinese girl who was in there looked me up and down blatantly and would not even acknowledge me presence. Everytime thereafter either the gay dude or that same chinese girl was there and I received the same treatment.
    Your fucking ferragamo for god's sake. the poor man's luxury brand[​IMG]

    I can go on and on..

    Adding to the bay area list:

    Ralph Lauren in Burlingame. Small store but friendly staff. Mgr is sort of anal about online returns but usually complies if you tell her.

    Rugby in PA. THere's a PT girl, blonde, probably in high school but absolute jailbait.

    Burberry in PA and SF. Friendly and helpful. In PA, there's some old woman that was very accommodating even though we didn't buy anything and helped us find some sales stuff in the back and in other stores as well.

    Neiman Marcus in SF and PA. Just horrible. Might as well have been mannequins.

    Nordstroms everywhere with a few exceptions here and there. Completely out for the quick sale.

    Ralph Lauren in PA. The gay asian guy is ok, but the younger asian guy and the old white guy with glasses are total snobs.

    Zegna in PA. Nonchalant and snobbish.
  4. asobu

    asobu Senior member

    Feb 18, 2007
    In Tokyo, the SA's at 45RPM on Meiji Dori have been incredibly helpful everytime I've been there.They dDon't mind my broken japanese, and try their best in English. Kapital in Ebisu have great SAs as well. A lot of stores in Tokyo are good at service.

    Worst would probably be Undercover.
  5. deveandepot1

    deveandepot1 Senior member

    Dec 17, 2008
    Southern California
    Banana Republic
    J. Crew
    Club Monaco
    United Colors of Benetton

    Urban Outfitters
  6. jet

    jet Senior member

    Jun 9, 2006
    Please excuse me if I am out of line but I thought this thread clearly stated "best" assistants.
  7. Epaulet

    Epaulet Senior member Affiliate Vendor

    Feb 11, 2008
    New York City / Los Angeles
    Big thanks to all our customers who gave us props!

    I'll echo their sentiments and say that the independent affiliates on SF all provide excellent customer service. And I'm not buttering you up by saying this, but SF customers are far and away the most polite and pleasant customers I've encountered. I've bought from Farinelli's, Self Edge, Crane's, MJK, and Context - and it's been wonderful every time. I'm sure that the other shops are just as good.

    Here in the city, I've had very good service at:

    Jeffrey (I think they set the standard for luxury shops)
    John Varvatos
    Odin East Village (not so much at their Lafayette street location)
    Alden Shop on Madison
    Soula (great for Clarks Originals, two locations in Brooklyn)
    Bloomingdale's Soho.

    Not so good service:
    Saks & Barneys. I never get a normal SA there. They either don't care at all, or they're all over you. Most of the times, they've got no idea about any product on the floor. This is for the more SW&D merchandise.
    Scoop: Don't get me started.
    Supreme: I couldn't resist their Public Enemy vans, and was treated like an asshole through the painful buying process of getting them.

    I've always been enamored of Japanese retailers and their customer service, but I have to say that my experiences in Hong Kong even top that. I've had unbelievably polite and helpful staff at Lane Crawford and countless smaller boutiques. Me amo Hong Kong muy mucho. That's the standard that I shoot for.
  8. breakz

    breakz Senior member

    Jan 11, 2008
    I'll echo their sentiments and say that the independent affiliates on SF all provide excellent customer service.

    I was going to sit here and type "wait, don't forget about Shop Detour!" on top of the love your store, Context, MJK, Farinelli's, etc. (deservedly) receive, but it's kind of redundant. You can basically assume all the SF affiliates provide great service.

    My picks:

    Co-Ops @ Aventura & Miami Beach: Both have great SAs, very willing to help. Didn't expect the great service I received.

    RL @ Georgetown: SA more than willing to help with RRL; also provided water to postpone fainting on a shitty DC summer day.
  9. jubei

    jubei Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2006
    Goyard Flagships (SF and Paris): The merchandise may be overpriced, but the service is top, top top. I have not met more accomodating or patient SA's elsewhere. That is what luxury shopping should be about.
  10. FStyles

    FStyles Senior member

    Mar 2, 2009
    Adding to the bay area list:


    Ralph Lauren in PA. The gay asian guy is ok, but the younger asian guy and the old white guy with glasses are total snobs.

    Zegna in PA. Nonchalant and snobbish.

    -RL in PA: Robert (tall white dude) is AWESOME! But the other guys incl. the flaming Asian dude are pretty snooty

    Zegna in PA: Dont get me started. you'd think you were asking THEM for money....

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