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staying over at parents' home


Apr 15, 2006
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Went to my parents' home this weekend as I needed to go to my dental specialist who has his office near my parents and I need to go back to the valley next day anyways so I figured to spend the night.

Like always, I always sort of revert to my teenage ways when back at parents' home (when I'm there by myself, not with wife) and my parents kind of cater to me like I'm a prince or something.

They'll get anything for me on my whim even if I'm plopped onto their couch watching tv although I never tested it out but I know they'll do it because my brother does that always.

Ill be in the bedroom and my mom will come in asking me if I want ice cream or fruit or something. She'll bring it in and serve me and we'll sit down and talk all night.

Ill mention oh I need to buy this or that for my apt or for the room just casually and then wake up next morning to my surprise my father went out early morning to get that for me and place on the kitchen table. Like, uh dad, you didn't have to get it for me. But I know him he will do anything for me so I know that is just his way of doing something small for me at that time.

I always leave them with good warm kindling feelings and they love to give me a hug and even my father as of late as I only used to just nod or at most shake his hand in earlier years. He likes to give me a long saueezing hug and I always bear hug him and kiss him on his head.
When I leave my mom always packs tons of stuff for me to take home to my wife with some last parting practical advice from my dad on this or that.
And from my mom about marriage advice that I reluctantly listen to as not everything can be so sweet in this visit anyways.

As I part they stand on the sidewalk until I drive off even though I tell them please don't come outside. They still do without failure...

I just want to know what it is like for you to visit parent(s) home and how they treat you and how you are staying there.
I hope there will be some sweet stories.


Stylish Dinosaur
Sep 28, 2004
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I lived alone from about 15, and my family was on a different continent, so I didn't see them very much. . when I was 27, my mother retired and moved about 2 hours away from me. I would go every other weekend and spend the weekend visiting her, and it was really hard. I would, literally, walk in her house and go to the kitchen to pop back a shot of wiskey to calm my nerves.

now I only see her about once or twice a year. some of the visits are cool, some can be tense. a large part of it is that she lives alone, and has for a long time, and is very needy - she needs a lot of help from me and gets into requesting things as soon as she sees me. part of it is that she has deteriorated a lot and that is hard fo rme to see.


Stylish Dinosaur
Jun 25, 2007
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My visits to mom and dad are very similar to what sho'nuff describes.

I visit a few times a year. They are excited to see me and make me feel very special during the entire visit. Mom bakes my favorite cakes and pies and prepares all my other favorite foods. Dad spends a lot of time in long discussions with me that last long into the night. We part after long hugs, including a bear hug from my very stoic dad. They, too, come outside to watch as I drive away.

My parents are in good health but their years are starting to show. The visits have become really special, but, unfortunately, they are not as often as I'd like.

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