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Starting out to grow hair longer


New Member
Jul 26, 2010
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Hey guys, Have decided to grow my hair longer and wanted some opinions on the best way of doing so? last haircut I got was a french crop (longer on the top) that was over 10 weeks ago, now its just at that horrible stage of looking shite! as its much longer at the back (kinda like a mullet) and also long at the front (big quiff) Anyway have thought about going to get it cut and explaining how I plan to grow it longer and ask if they can trim the back shorter (so it doesn't look so much like a mullet) plus also ask if they can try to cut the rest and (shape it) somehow so it can grow out into a decent looking longer hairstyle, is this a normal thing to ask for? as I keep thinking it may sounds complicated and weird! I realize some people will "say hold it out and let just leave it to grow" but it looks so bad at this stage, any tips? especially about asking them to 'shape it' somehow? cheers.


Senior Member
Sep 9, 2009
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find a barber/stylist. keep them in the loop. use pictures. go often otherwise the growing it out stage will look horrific. as you mentioned you can skip the maintenance cut at the expense of looking poor until you are ready to cut


Distinguished Member
Sep 30, 2009
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I'm also letting mine grow and I'm at the same stage.
After it dries, I just wet my hands and slick it back and tease it into some form of acceptable shape.
I also sport a few days of beard growth for extra-rugged effect.
I don't intend to see a barber or hair stylist for another 9 months,
or until it completely covers my ears. Even then I'll probably just let it grow wild.
I started from a buzz cut and since my hair grows slow it will take a good 3 years before I get it to my shoulders again.
This is the third and last time I will let it grow long, so I have all the patience in the world right now.
Just have patience with it.
Take photos of the progress once a month.
If I need it to look groomed for business, I'll just add a dab of gel before it dries and comb it down flat and straight back,
a la Gordon Gekko.

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