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Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by jimmyjames88, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Hey everyone,

    First thanks everyone for all the great posts. I read this site often but I am shy to speak up as I know little about suits etc.

    I am in Toronto and recently lost about 40 lbs so I need to rebuild my work wardrobe. I have one grey samuehlson MTM that I bought - it fits well and I got it at Rego in Toronto. It was pretty pricey though with the surgeon's cuffs etc.

    I need to start my rebuild further - I would guess I need two blazers and two more suits - i probably have like 6 to 8 k to do it maybe a bit more.

    I have been reading this site and there are so many opinions on where to go and where not go. Some say avoid Harrys as its so marked up and go online. Others say dont.

    So what I am looking for is a place (online or not) that will have good value and good quality but also perhaps a way someone get help see what I have and build it out. Basically I am a peasant and need a jedi.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go or who to talk to? Is this something where I should go to one store and try to spend it all in one place or hire a clothing advisor? Thanks in advance. I am in downtown Toronto but happy on any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance! I promise to report back on my process.

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    I think in a large city like Toronto, that you should start with somewhere in the city, and perhaps move to online when you have a better idea of your new sizing.

    A personal friend and a designer who has also pretty extensive actual tailoring experience is Sydney Mamane ( He is offering, at least according to his site (it's been a while since I talked to him) MTM suits for $995 CDN. Even though he typically does a 60's style slim suit, he works with all sorta of clients, and is a generally a good guy. Importantly, he is much more than a craftsman, which he is also. He is a designer with high taste levels, he he will be able to guide you on more than just the fit.

    His store is a straight up fashion store, so you can check out some modern designers if you wish, as well.

    Though I am a Canadian, and originally from Kingston, and used to go to TO a lot (my brother is a doctor there), it's been a while, so unfortunately, I cannot offer more advice in the more affordable categories.

    There are a ton of high end stores in or around Yorkville: Nicholas (, Marcello Tarantino (, and of course, 5 Hazelton (, that might be good for inspiration, but will be above your present budget. Still worth looking at for ideas. Actually, if you have a $8K budget for 2 suits and 2 blazers, with shirting and additional pants, you might be able to squeeze that in at one of those stores. You will get good quality. A "good deal", especially given the price of things in Canada, is not to be found at those stores. Of course, a well fitting suit is worth more to you than months of unsuccessful experimentation.

    Online, you might do well with someone like No Man Walks Alone (, Epaulet ( and kentwang (www.kentwang), which I listed from most expensive to least expensive. They are all US based, but AFAIK, all offer refunds and returns of full priced goods, and you'll be able to get completely outfitted for $8k or less.

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    The most important question: what is it that you do and for what will these clothes be used for?


    Is there a reason you needed go to MTM (i.e. do you have a body shape poorly served by RTW)?

    Are you needing shirts, pants, and shoes as well?

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