specialtailor? women and men suits? shirts? coats?

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    Nov 16, 2012
    www.specialtailor.co.uk one website works on custom suits online.
    i find that specialtailor is a new website. their produtions contains custom women suits, custom men suits, custom shirts and custom coats.

    the process of other websites about custom suits online is similar.
    We go to buy one custom suit online. Our friends help to measure us.We fill the measurements to website.

    Then what we do? Waiting for one perfectly fit custom suit?

    Do you think that you can receive one real fit custom suit though above process?

    Sorry, i don't believe that although every Merchant Website promises that.

    Recently i find one website(Specialtailor) is different.

    Yeah, it is very special.

    After you provide your measurements, you can enjoy the service of sample suits by paying extra £24.

    After 1 weeks, you will receive your sample suit and you can modify your measurements.

    Your custom suit will be handed after they check your measurements with you.

    So, i believe that one perfectly fit suit will come.

    the quality of their custom suits needs you to experience.
    But it's confirmable that their custom suits are perfectly fit.

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