Some questions on first Allen Edmonds

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by 64AndSunny, Sep 9, 2016.

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    Sep 9, 2016
    Hi all, I’m new to AE shoes and started by going to Nordstrom and tried a pair of 10.5D Bluchers, which were too wide. Salesperson said I’m a C or B width and they could order but had nothing for me to try on. Also had ordered the Neumok 2.0 in 10.5D

    Went to AE store, quickly fitted a pair of 10.5B Park Ave’s and they fit a little more snug than I thought they should feel but the salesperson didn’t offer much advice other than he thought they looked like they fit well.

    Anyway, discovered shoerack and ordered a few pairs in diff styles after a few hours of research on the weekend. I know there are a few different lasts on the models I’ve ordered but honestly the fit is all over the place. [​IMG]

    Best fit – 10.5B Rogue (201 Last). Forefoot feels perfect, foot feels great and not swimming in shoe in any way, but not tight at all.

    Feeling way too tight – 10.5B McAllister (65 last). Length is ok I “think” but across the forefoot on the top of my foot it feels really tight. Also the laces do not get even close to “closed” when laced up, the opening at the top hole is 1.25 inches. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the look of a closed lace shoe or does it really matter? Could only wear very think socks if I were to wear these. No way my foot would fit with thicker socks. Overall though, they just feel "weird"

    A little big, but “feels” fine, but is the look going to be weird – 10.5D Madison Park in Dark Chile (222 last). These visually are my favorite of them all so far. Granted, there is a bit of extra room in the toe area, but they don’t look overly huge and they don’t slip in the heel. I could wear thinner or a little more casual thicker socks with these.

    Maybe a little too big – 10.5D Neumok 2.0 (201 Last). Love the shoe, but does seem to be a little too roomy in front. No heel slipping though.

    My questions are:

    - Is it really this challenging to “find” an Oxford or Derby in AE? Is it normal to order 3-4 Oxfords for instance on 3-4 lasts in 2 diff sizes each etc?

    - Does it seem normal that a “B” in the Rogue can fit great but a “B” in the McAllister is very very tight?

    - If the “D” feels pretty good, even though I know I’m most likely a b-c width, would it be a mitake to keep them? Yes, it’s not a tight glove fit, but it’s certainly not loose or moving around. Also, could use more variety of socks because of extra girth of shoe..leaves more possibilities?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Sep 25, 2010
    The only right answer is to go with what fits, whichever combination of numbers and letters gets you there. With just the 5 last AE I've gone with my regular size, up a number and down a letter, down a number and up a letter. That's just one last. I also have Alden Barrie last shoes in three different sizes.

    Sometimes with boots I like more room, for instance, so I go wider. With calf dress shoes I'll go a tiny bit tight knowing they'll stretch a bit as I wear them in. However, I'm not of that mind with shell, since it doesn't stretch as much. With fit, pay most attention to the heel-to-ball fit, the heel cup fit and the toebox fit. Don't worry so much about the area in front of your toes.

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