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Some pictures


Stylish Dinosaur
Jun 25, 2007
Reaction score
I like the second pic. The color combo looks nice, although I prefer to have the color of my belt and shoes similar.


Senior Member
Aug 7, 2008
Reaction score
Weird looking tie knot in the first picture, way better in the second.

I'd say that the second outfit's colors suits you better than the first. You have quite pale skin tone so you should go with brighter colors like pic 2.


Distinguished Member
Sep 28, 2004
Reaction score
Mostly good.

Seersucker coat is just too small, however. If you absolutely have to wear it, never button it.


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2006
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Skin and hair color have been a topic of discussion and covered in a book from the eighties called Colors for Men. The theme is that each person's skin, hair, complexion etc is classified into the four seasons. The category you fall into determines which colors complement you best and which don't. I believe that you are a "winter". Here is the definition of a "winter" from AAAC: "Winter" is a cool tone. People with winter complexions have blue or pink/rosy undertones. Skin can be pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark. Those with the Winter color profile have a lot of depth to their coloring and a lot of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone. Winter people have brown hair, with deeply colored eyes. Many Asians and African Americans fall into this category. People with white-blond hair may also be winters Here are the colors that are recommended for a winter: Winters should wear colors that are sharp, stark and clear. They look best in intense, rich colors, like white, black, navy blue, red, and hot pink. For lighter colors, wear bright white or icy pastels, such as cool blues, pinks and yellows. Here are the colors that are not recommended: Winters should avoid dressing in earth tones and subdued colors like pastels, and beige, orange and gold. Using this criteria for color selection I think outfit 1 is a good choice. I would try for more contrast though. That's my personal taste. What you have is too monochromatic. I would try for a cool/cool/warm or cool/warm/warm combination. See the discussion of colors over at AAAC to understand what I mean if that confuses you: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/C...olorSIMPLE.htm I like your use of texture in outfit 1 with the combination of corduroy in the jacket and smooth silk in the tie. The pattern matching is uninspiring as everything except the pocket square is a solid pattern. Further the pocket square is an understated pattern verging on being a solid. It looks like you're going for the Armani look there. Regarding the tie knot in outfit 1, I think it's fine. You have a FIH that is not cinched. That's perfectly fine with me. It has a nice casual feel to it and gives the outfit some class by adding the elegance of the tie as opposed to omitting the tie from the outfit. We don't have a full silhouette to examine in outfit 1 so it's hard to comment on fit of the jacket and pants. We can't say much about the shoes either because they are not in the picture. You have done an equally good job with color selection with outfit 2 with a improvement in contrast. Texture and pattern selection are quite good also. The only comments I would make are what others have said. The jacket does not appear to fit. Here at SF, fit is always the most important element of the outfit. If it does not fit, either have it altered or buy something that does fit. The shoes and belt should more closely match one another. Yours are just too different. I think you're on your way to looking great.


Distinguished Member
Nov 19, 2007
Reaction score
Originally Posted by mack11211
Seersucker coat is just too small, however. If you absolutely have to wear it, never button it.

Waayyy too tight. Doesn't fit at all well and looks awful IMO.


Distinguished Member
Oct 8, 2007
Reaction score
Seersucker too tight in 2nd picture, and colour combination uninspiring in 1st, it just "blurs" in, nothing distinctive.


Mar 9, 2006
Reaction score
Frodo Baggins posts on SF! This is awesome!


Distinguished Member
Sep 24, 2006
Reaction score
Originally Posted by Connemara
Frodo Baggins posts on SF! This is awesome!


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