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Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by TC_mapezzz, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. TC_mapezzz

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Hong Kong
    Up for sale are some well made fully canvassed suits and sportcoats by Hong Kong top tailors. They are all sample jackets made for advertising and mannequin use, all in brand new condition. Most of them are made with VBC fabrics and a part of them are using famous English and Italian mills.

    They're all hand-made and constructed well at the best Hong Kong tailor standard and its a joy to wear. Size varies but it's your gain if the measurements fit you. Only Craft and fabric would already cost more than what you pay.

    Please feel free to PM for more details. Measurements below are inches.

    Marzoni 3-Button mid coat, grey texture: s2s 18.5, boc 30, sleeve 24, p2p 19

    English Tweed, herringbone, 3roll2, Milanese button hole: s2s 19.75, boc 27.5, sleeve 24.25, p2p 20

    Prince of wales with orangish brown overcheck: s2s 19.5, boc 28.5, sleeve 22.75, p2p 19.75

    Navy slim notch 2b light weight French navy: s2s 19.25, boc 28.5, sleeve 24.5, p2p 19.75

    VBC charcoal suit with light blue stripes, 2 pants: s2s 19, boc 28.5, sleeve 23.5, p2p 19.5, waist 33, hem 8, inseam 29

    VBC navy melange flannel, 3pc: s2s 19.5, boc 29, sleeve 24.5, waist 36, hem 8, inseam 29.5

    Black striped Sportcoat, s2s 18.5, boc 29, sleeve 24.5, p2p 19.5

    King size Black shawl tux suit: s2s 20.25, boc 31, sleeves 26, p2p 22.5, waist 38, hem 9, inseam 32.25

    King size Greyish blue birdeye: s2s 20, boc 31, sleeves 26, p2p 22.5

    Black solid suit: s2s 17.5, boc 27, sleeve 23, p2p 18.5, waist 32, hem 7.25, inseam 29.5

    black solid suit: s2s 18.25, boc 27.5, sleeve 23.75

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