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    Sep 19, 2012
    I apologize for this dumb question in advance.

    I posted earlier about how my 11D shoes from AE seem a bit loose. I am fully convinced they run big, but with the AE shoes, I got some nice socks from AE as well, and I noticed the other 11D shoes I have seemed big as well! The fancy AE socks are pretty thin.

    Do dress socks have to be the real thin kind of socks, or is it OK to wear a slightly more bulky kind of dress socks? I know I can't wear those rag wool socks (which are great for casual wear!) but is it OK to wear a slightly thicker wood-like sock with a shirt/tie/jacket, provided the sock does not fit or look like a rag wool sock?

    Hopefully you have some idea what I am trying to get at...I am doing a pretty bad job at articulating what I am trying to ask.

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    Mar 14, 2011

    Its fine, nothing wrong with it. Like you said, as long as it doesn't look like a pilling wrangly wool.

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