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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by oldskool, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. oldskool

    oldskool Senior Member

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Let's compare apples to apples if we're going to talk sale shopping. You can't say this is a good or bad price on an iten IF you are going to say, you can get it cheaper by another manufactuer. Say a Polo blazer is $1,000 made from a wool cashmere blend and made in Italy and hangs like a million bucks. Now, say LL Bean has a wool jacket that looks similar, made from a similar fabric and retails for $300.

    Let's say some people buy the polo blazer on polo.com retail, some get it at 50% off ~$500 and some get another $25% off ~$375

    Can you say the $375 is expensive IF the LL Bean wool jacket is $300 or it goes on sale?? Sure, but it's not really a fair conversation.

    I have been to Neiman Marcus Last Call stores around the country and gotten as much as 90% off on RLPL pants and sweaters. Still, paying 10% of that price I could have bought the item by GAP for less.

    So, If I have a good job, and I enjoy RL suits, and I buy them on sale.... tell me if you buy the same suit on a better sale not about your LL Bean suit. Fair??

  2. zjpj83

    zjpj83 Distinguished Member

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    Oct 25, 2004
    I understand what you are saying, and I felt the same way that you did about that other thread decrying people who shop at Polo.com and their raving lunacy. Fact is that there are many considerations that go into a clothing purchase. I probably pay more than most people on this board for clothes becasue my size simply isn't carried by stores. Secondly, the way we look at prices in general is very interesting. There are certain things that simply don't go on sale as much, and this is internalized in our consciousness. Very expensive shirts, for example, that cost ~ $300, such as Borrelli, almost never can be had for less than $100. Edward Greens almost never can be had for more than 50% off. No shoe is ever 90% off. But, expensive suits and sport jackets are often heavily discounted. This is just the name of the game and something we sort of accept without thinking. Why would I ever buy Edward Greens, even in their annual sale, when I can buy 4 pairs of Grensons from Bennies for the same price? Because they are Edward Greens. Becasue that's what they cost. I mean, there is no rationality to this. Why would someone pay $100,000 for a watch that tells them moon phases when they can look it up on a computer? I have paid as much for a $3,000 sport jacket as for a regular old dress shirt. I have paid more for optional seats in a car than for a bespoke suit. Many people, who wear very nice clothes, often spend more on a dinner than their outfits cost. Look, ultimately, you spend money on things for two reasons: either it is such a good deal that you can't pass it up; or it's just something you want, and the fact that for the same amount of money you could get X or Y or Z does not mean that you should not spend that money on this item, becasue you want it. Carbon-ceramic breaks on a certain new car are $14,300 extra. When you choose that option, you aren't thinking what else you could get for $14K but simply that you want that option, and that's what it costs. In effect, this is $14K that you now can't spend on clothes and dinners, and vacations, and watches, and whatever else. When you consider all that you can get for $14,000, the option seems ridiculous. And yet, whereas $10,000 gets you a Raphael suit and dinner at Alain Ducasse once a week for many months, it doesn't get you carbon-ceramic breaks. Look, Bottom line: not everything in this world can be bought at a discount, and not everything that we want or need is discounted. Throughout your life, you will end up paying lots of money for things that are supposedly "worth" less than other things. Why? Because even if you buy Brioni suits on Ebay all day long for 80% off, you still need socks to go with them. Zjpj

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