So I am planning on going to a master tailor and get a waistcoat and dress shirt tailored (I'm a new

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    I have never been to a tailor for more than hemming (e.g. jeans) or opening up my blazer's pockets.

    I also have never owned a waistcoat/vest before and the one I have purchased is a 36R. My blazer is a size 36R from Club Monaco and it fits perfectly. I am considered slim/skinny, so most of my clothes are either XS or S, and can fit in either a 34 o 36 jacket-- depending on the brand.

    How easy is the fix for the chest area of a waistcoat, as the armhole area is a bit "loose" for lack of a better word. The length from top to bottom is fine, and even after using the back strap to "cinch" the vest better, I still feel the armholes/chest area is slightly too big for my size.

    I know, I have a hard time with smaller/slimmer fits if I shop outside of JCREW, Club Monaco, GAP and sometimes ZARA.

    I have a dress shirt that is from ZARA that fits quite well. Arm sleeves have some loose fabric, so should I get it "fixed" and tapered better to my arms? I'm worried the cuffs will look weird after the arm sleeves are done, since the cuffs only have one button placement.

    For the sides, how close should i have the master tailor bring it in? I am very thin, so I don't know if this should be done or not. When I tuck this shirt in, there is some loose fabric (not very much) on the sides and the back.

    No one I know gets their clothes tailored so i am going in with no knowledge of what I can expect. Nervous, yet looking forward to it :p

    Do I tell the tailor how much to take in, or do I ask him questions on what would work best for me, despite what I think may work?

    Thanks a lot guys! :D

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