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SO dissing you thread


Stylish Dinosaur
Dec 28, 2008
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i had a point and a story when i opened this thread, but it got lost in the amusement of reading all the OT


Stylish Dinosaur
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Mar 13, 2006
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Tennis? Effeminate?! Tell that to this guy:
or this guy
Originally Posted by triniboy27
That sport actually IS gay though.
Sir, I played badminton in my youth, doubles, and I assure you it is a very intense and 'manly' game. So intense I usually cry when I lose.
Originally Posted by globetrotter
actually, I don't mind my girls being in sports - I actually have a friend that basically told her girls that they couldn't date until they had a black belt, and I think I will do the same thing. I just want them to be in the right sports.
Thats a great idea... 6 year old daughter's gonna start her kung-fu classes next month. I think I can brainwash the kid. Back to the topic.... My SO has mastered the eye-roll with this hobby of ours. Specially since I have pretty much hogged the wardrobe cabinets, shoe racks and drawers with my stuff. And there are shoes on the stair landing as well. And although the frequency of incoming goodies are lesser these days, its still more than what the wife gets. I also had a somewhat long explanation to my wife, GT, about meeting you when you fly over here when you mentioned that few months back, 'honey, I'm meeting a guy I met online in this clothes related forum and who's flying in and I'm gonna buy him a few drinks."
OTOH, my wife does appreciate that I put in some effort in my appearance, and not look like your typical slob here. And I get some nice comments from her mother and sisters.

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