Sneaker Classics, Australia and Unbelievable Bargains - June 30, 2013

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    What Did You Thrift Today?

    One of the coolest parts of StyleForum is the dedicated number of thrifters who post – along with the amazing things they find. You won’t believe what shows up at a Goodwill for $5, and how much the original retail on some of these things are. My favorite is still the blue blazer with several thousands dollars worth of gold buttons. Mindblowing.

    StyleForum Down Under

    While StyleForum is mostly populated by North Americans and Europeans, there are a number of dedicated posters who hail from the land down under, Australia (and New Zealand). Living far south of the equator has its own unique advantages and disadvantages (ie: if On The Beach is correct, you get to live a little longer), but it can be a challenge to source quality clothing. If you’re from Australia, or just curious, take a peek.


    I love Nike. While I own nicer sneakers (asmuch as a robot can own sneakers), Nikes still have a special place in my heart. This thread is all about Nike – from running gear, to limited Tier Zero Quickstrike shoes, with a smattering of flyknits in between.

    B&S Finds

    NWT Orelebar Brown Bulldog Trunks, 32

    Common Projects White Achilles, 45

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