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Small pill on SuitSupply La Spalla Jacket - Can this be fixed?


New Member
Feb 2, 2019
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Good afternoon,

I noticed a small pill on my La Spalla jacket from SuitSupply which I have worn like once or twice. I'm probably the only person to notice it since it's quite inconspicuous but nevertheless it's driving me crazy. I was just wondering if this can be fixed or attenuated somehow?

Images below:

Thanks everyone


Distinguished Member
Apr 16, 2016
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I can't see the spill.

Oh, wait: it's that tiny dark spot. It's probably a little grease spot. I've been googling ways to get that out, and you probably have, too. Most of the methods I'm finding look like you'd risk leaving a mark (from the water or talcum powder) more noticeable than that little mark.

I say leave it alone, forget it's there, and enjoy that beautiful La Spalla. It's a gorgeous, rich blue.

EDIT: I just noticed you said pill, not spill. Sorry! Sometimes you can use a needle to pull the pilled thread back through from the other side of the cloth. This would require opening the lining of the jacket to reach the thread, though. I wouldn't trust myself. I'd take it to a tailor if I wasn't prepared to live with it.
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Senior Member
Oct 8, 2017
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If it's not a hole resulting from moth nibble or a minute cut from contact with something sharp - both of which would require invisible reweaving (specialist required) - I have used the following trick with much success: thread approximately 5-10 inches of a slightly thicker yarn (e.g. buttonhole silk) onto a needle. Run the needle into the fabric right through the pill itself and out either on the other side or somewhere next to it. Pull the yarn swiftly through the fabric - the friction will typically "grab" the pill and pull it back into the fabric and through to its backside where it disappears. You'll sometimes need to repeat this a couple of times till it's completely gone, but it usually works a treat on virtually all garments from suits, shirts to sweaters.

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