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    Apr 3, 2016

    My cousin's suits have a recurrent sleeve pitch problem. The measurements he take are accurate but the sleeves of his suits always come out wrong. They are not too tight or too baggy; they simply do not hang well on him showing quite a lot of strain lines at the front.

    Are there any parameters that could be checked during taking measurements or any existing patterns/correlations (between somebody’s measurements or suit’s parts like armholes, shoulders width, chest size, arms size, sleeve itself) that shall be taken into account or checked well before the suit is made in order to avoid this problem?

    Does the posture or shoulder’s type matter?
    I really would like to analyze it and to understand the nature of this problem better.

    Are there any different types of mannequins (made according to clients different body build/posture/shoulder types) available in the market/industry which help the tailors or companies which design and sell suits to spot the sleeve pitch problem during the QC process and before the suit is delivered to the client’s door?

    Thank you very very much for your answer/suggestions in advance!

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    There's a thread for this:

    A photo will be needed.



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