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skinny black suit


New Member
Nov 1, 2008
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Hello, first time posting, I crossposted this on sufu, I hope you don't mind. I'm not trying to spam

Anyway, I've amassed a rather large collection of clothing and other junk over the years. I've many different outfits and I just feel kind of overwhelmed by all of this excess. So in a fit of insanity, I've decided to get rid of everything distracting or that didn't serve a purpose, and donate those things to the local shelter. This way, those less fortunate then I could enjoy what I previously have, and I could get rid of these things that overwhelm me. I guess that I have just grown tired of redundancy and the morning ritual that comes with putting together outfits, and I've decided to lead a life of minimalism. I only want to wear/buy/furnish my house with things that are functional, take up little space, and have a designated/ or are multi-purpose. Please don't take this as offensive. I'm not saying that being fashionable is redundant, or that the way others dress is useless. I'm simply just saying that this is just something I don't really want to do anymore.

So what am I doing here on a forum dedicated to fashion? It's simple. I'm very motivated/inspired by things that are not distracting and minimalist. I'm a no frills, barebones kind of guy. I'm really fond of suits, but I don't have a job that requires me to wear one every day. I feel good when I do wear them, and I like them, so I've decided that I'm going to wear skinny suits more often as everyday wear. Something similar to this one here:

The problem is that I'm a cheap/poor guy. I can't afford 3 Hedi Slimane suits, so I'd need a cheaper alternative that I could wear around twice or three times a week, but won't fall apart. My budget is around $300 give or take. I don't live near any good places. The nearest place is H&M and Club Monaco, and that's a 6 hour drive up and back. I would be willing to drive that far though if need be, but I'm still worried about quality. Because of distance, online places would be preferred. I was looking at Topman, Burton, and Zara and thick as thieves. Does anyone have any experience with the suit quality from any of the places I've mentioned? How long would they hold up if I wore the suit twice or 3 times a week? I'd really only want them to last about 5 months. Also, do you know which of these places would have the best "Slimane copy"?

Thanks for reading my long post, and for any help that you may provide.


Senior Member
Apr 23, 2006
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Thick as Thieves > Topman + Zara + HM

TaT suits are canvassed, can be cut very slim, and Jason's a great guy to work with.

Rayford Booth

Well-Known Member
Oct 13, 2008
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Go to some local tailors. They often buy suits up and you can buy from them (off the rack kind of stuff) and they tailor it as part of the final price.

My tailor does it all the time. (Except i know the guy who he buys the suits from and i get them cheeper than the tailor lol).

Rayford Booth

Well-Known Member
Oct 13, 2008
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The H&M suits are not even wool. I have one. They are nice. Not a lot of room in the crotch. When you sit down you can see your package in the pants.

Also the H&M suits are a little tight in the back area. So if you are usually a 38R go for a 40R and have it made smaller if need be.

But overall the H&M suits are pretty cheap to buy when on sale. sometimes 60$ for the jacket and 60$ for the pants. But like i said, not the best quality.

Take a look on ebay. Sometimes you can get your self a nice suit for 200$ shipped and for another 60$ or so you have the tailoring done (depending on what needs to be altered)

Take a look at the Banana Republic stuff. Pretty cheap prices for decent quality if you are on a budget

Mr. Potato

Senior Member
Jan 6, 2008
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For the record, I am 5'8", 160lbs, slim athletic body type.

Topman suits are mostly polyester blends. Construction leaves little to desire. But they are slim. Personally, looks too cheap. Given their prices, you can find better.

Zara suits from their Men's tailored section aren't all that slim. Low armhole, rather relaxed waist suppression. Seems made to be tailored afterwards. Their casual lines are a lot slimmer, but those are jackets with fancy lapels or contrast stitchings which wouldn't be too appropriate.

H&M's Men's tailored suit lineup is quite good from what I've seen 4 months ago (I don't live in NY anymore). They have some decent 120s wool fabrics to pick from. Like Zara, the fit isn't as slim as their casual counterparts, but definitely a lot slimmer than Zara's men's tailored. I don't find that I had to size up on H&M. In fact, I sized down to 36R from my usual 38R.

Never tried Burton.

As for Thick As Thieves, they are a good option. But it's really dependant on your measurements. I have my TAT suit which I wish I could love if it weren't for my little measurement quirks. Do meet up with Jason if you're in the CA region.

Another option you might look into is J-Crew. I have not personally tried on their current suit line up. But from what I can see, they look well made and slim OTR. But remember, when buying suits, as long as it fits well in the shoulders and armhole, you can pretty much slim down everything else.

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