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    Hi all,

    I've been thinking about writing a book on Skinhead style- a more in-depth version of the style guide in Nick Knight's 'Skinhead'.

    I want to cover every angle. I'm starting off with footwear. Here's what I have so far.

    -in 1968/9, any kind of boot you could get your hands on would pass. These included NCB boots, with the steel toe cap (sometimes painted white); american officer's boots (usually surplus); hobnail army boots, also surplus; 'astronaut' boots (similar to those made by Mikkel Rude); Monkey boots; and also, a bit later, Dr Marten's 8 eyelet steel toe (and after the ban in soccer/football stadiums, soft toe).

    -Brown was popular (probably because so many of the aforementioned boots are only available in brown), polished with black polish. Black and cherry(turned oxblood with black polish) were also popular.

    I'm seeing it as two periods right now- 'early' (mainly when the movement was coming together, mainly in the south of England), and 'full fledged', or in the period of 1969 and 1970. After i get the footwear established i can move on to trousers, shirts, and specifics- hair, braces width, brands etc.

    So, what i'm asking is, can anyone who was there, Skinhead or not, give me some insight into what exactly was worn? Thanks for all the help i'm sure i'm going to get.


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