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Singapore SF Meet and Joe's Tailor


Distinguished Member
Apr 4, 2006
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It was the Saturday after my boss' business conference in Singapore and I found myself entering Joe's Tailoring and Fashion Design. I turned to the fellow on the couch beside the door and said the magic words:

"Does Ernest wear brown?"

Myview2 laughed and laughed, took a quick look at my Mackays for verification, then replied: "Yes, Ernest wears brown. Brown is for farmer."

This, in a nutshell, captured the recent Singapore meet-up, where various SFers met but not just all at the same time.

I flew in last Wednesday noon and, before an afternoon conference, took a cab straight to Joe's Tailor carrying a box of fabric from kolecho. I was dropped at the back of the building and got a bit lost, and was soon introduced to Joseph Koh, who was surprised when I confirmed the Singaporean SFers as my references.

I didn't need to give the password when a guy wearing a Chan suit and MTM Edward Greens walked in, and whoopee and I discussed suit detailing while Joe made the initial measurements. After seeing our shoes, Joe started a discussion on how to stock up on high end shoes to offer to his customers.

We returned a couple of days later for the first basted fitting and whoopee looked over everything and went over a checklist he made up, but paid particular attention to the jacket length given my short frame. We had fun picking out linings, as Joe suggested I avoid getting anything conservative. We picked out purple lining for my blue birdseye suit (to go with the lining of my black Mackays), and a wine paisley lining for my blazer.

I had to rush off to yet another meeting but met back up with whoopee after dinner and, I got an extensive lecture on fabrics over wine and the World Cup game. It's very interesting talking to whoopee given his background (Taiwanese student studying in the United States and working in Singapore), confusing as it may be.

I didn't know that kolecho had flown in and met up with pchong and myview2 that same afternoon, but i hear they had a wonderful if quick conversation.

I called pchong and myview2 to invite them to my last fitting, and while pchong had to cancel last minute, I met up with myview2 that Saturday, and he took photos of the fitting. It's really fun with Joe, given his gentle personality and sense of humor. After the fitting, myview2 gave me a quick culinary tour of real Singapore street food, complete with Hainanese chicken, and that was a wonderful celebration for my finally getting a suit made. (It more than made up for myview2 forcing me to take off my Mackays so he and Joe could examine them closely while I paid for the suit.)

I'm crossing my fingers and hope this Joe's suit turns out well. It would actually be an international project, with pchong referring me to Joe's, whoopee and myview2 supervising the fittings, kolecho selling me the fabric, and myview2 recommending the first set of pocket squares I picked up during our stroll to his recommended restaurants.

Thanks to the Singapore SFers for their hospitality and I hope the suit turns out okay. I'll post photos for the inevitable Chan comparison.

For those interested, it's Joe's Tailoring & Fashion Dseign, 80 Anson Road, Fuji Xerox Towers, SIngapore 079907, Phone 6225-0686 / 6225-4790, www.joetailor.com, Email [email protected]


Distinguished Member
Nov 15, 2004
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Hope that projects turm out well. Remember what I said about tailoring - you learn a bit every time you go through the process. Enjoy the process. Looks like you have made some friends also.


Banned for Good
Mar 10, 2006
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Florida needs to have an SF meet. Meaning, you know, me and one other person...


Distinguished Member
Jun 7, 2005
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It was a pleasure to meet the legend of josepidal and his shoes (for those who care, they were not as f'ed up as many of us believed).

My View2

Well-Known Member
Mar 15, 2006
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It was fun to have you visit my puny sunny island of Singapore!

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