SHOES - A Comprehensive Guide To 'Who Made What For Whom'

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    It would be nice for this thread to serve as a quick reference guide.
    Who makes what for whom?
    These questions have cropped up many times but the answers get lost in an ocean of threads. May this thread serve as a repository. Feel free to list who makes whos shoes. It doesn't matter if the data was posted before. This will be the consolidated thread for all to benefit from.
    I'll start...

    I have been going through my shoes lately.
    2 Pair of old meaty Bostonians, both very well made in Italy, and I am wondering who manufactured these for Bostonian?

    Bostonian Strada series Nubuck Longwings.
    The soles on these are as good as Dainite and wear like iron.


    Bostonian Florentine Series Brown Woven Calf Tassel Loafers (sans tassels)

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