Shoe sizing help - Saint Crispins, Zonkey Boot and C&J for RL Marlow

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by ThatGuy, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Hi Forum,

    Looking to pick up some new shoes in the next few months.

    I have my eyes out on shoes from Saint Crispins, Zonkey Boot and C&J for RL Marlow's.

    I am a Alden Barrie 9D and am unsure what size to pick with these brands as they are commonly discussed in UK sizing.

    Can I kindly ask if members can help me out. I will be needing to make an Internet order as I don't have access to these shoe brands, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Aug 27, 2012

    You might be better served to checkout the various brand threads to get better advice. Besides the brand it would be best to get even better advice based on the specific Last as this can certainly have an affect on the fit of any shoe or boot. Although the Marlow is on the 325 the others you mentioned are just brands and as such they have more than just one Last. Knowing your Barrie size is a good start however it is a rather generous Last but other Lasts are not always as generous. It also helps to know whether the Last your looking at is sleeker, shorter, or even longer for instance which can affect fit depending on how big or small your foot is with regards to length or width and even instep. By going to the various threads you can generally get a better overall idea based on a number of responses instead of just the few you might get here and besides like I said some of these brands have more than just one Last.

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    Building up on @dddrees ' recommendations: My impression after wearing both Saint Crispin shoes and shoes from other makers is that St Crispin lasts can be narrower than lasts from some other makers (unfortunately, I have no experience with Alden). This can lead to disappointment and/or even pain.

    If you are considering buying Saint Crispin shoes (or shoes from any other maker with which you do not have experience for that matter), you will find precious information on the other threads of this forum as @dddrees mentioned. But, I’d recommend that you even go one step further and take the time to actually try on different lasts, sizes and fits until you have found a perfect fit.

    For Saint Crispin shoes, if there are no distributor near home, you may be able to attend a trunk show. Otherwise, note that Skoaktiebolaget offers to send Saint Crispin trial shoes to its customers. This service could turn out to be a great investment.

    Finally, I’d also recommend that you chose a Saint Crispin distributor with a track record for an excellent after sales service. For a first order from any shoe maker while you are experimenting with lasts, sizes and fits, good after sales service could be helpful if there were any problems.
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