Shoe repair for rubber soles

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by GQgeek, Jun 13, 2004.

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    With leather soles it seems pretty simple to do a resole. However I've got a pair of brown slip-on ferragamos with rubber soles that are in a way reminiscent of driving mocassins in that they have rubber embedded in the heel of the shoe. The rubber in the heel is the same color as the sole. The uppers are still in beautiful condition however the heel and toe are beggining to show signs of wear and I really love these shoes and want them to last as long as possible. I recently had a pair of suede slip-ons resoled (also with lrubber soles) but I wasn't really satisfied with the end result; mainly cause it was a botched job imo. It's been my experience that most dry cleaners, shoe repair stores, etc care very little for the quality of service they provide. Thankfully i have a great dry cleaner but i'm still working on someone for the shoes and i'm not really up to much more trial-and-error given the cost of a good pair of shoes. Does anyone have any suggestions on finding a place that will do a good job? Or maybe a place I can send them on the net? I figure that it will be impossible to match new soles with the rubber on the heals (two small trapezoidal tabs, not the whole heel) and i'm pretty sure that Ferragamo does not offer a resoling service like what Allen-Edmonds does. Would a leather sole look terribly out of place on these shoes? Thanks.

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    i too have been the victim of a careless rubber sole replacement and ended up throwing a great pair of shoes away

    for this reason, i shy away from expensive rubber soled shoes

    i really have no answer for you
    i have tried some old european shoe repair people who end up saying how horrible rubber soles are and don't want to touch them given they can't match the sole

    i'll be curious to see what other responses are made

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