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Shoe Pictorial Index

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by von Rothbart, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. von Rothbart

    von Rothbart Senior member

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    Oct 29, 2004
    The original shoe pictorial index is currently experiencing technical difficulties with the server, so I repost the index but breaking it into 5 parts: Edward Green, John Lobb, Crokett & Jones, Vass and others. So this is the temporary index until j fixes the original one.

    Edward Green

    EG color chart by aportnoy. L to R: maple, acorn, Edwardian, chestnut, burnt pine, dark oak, burgundy, olive.

    EG last comparison hi-res lo-res by TimelessRider.

    EG catalog prior edition.

    EG catalog two editions back.

    Official EG last description.

    EG leather sample and instock lasts by Centipede.

    Addison RLPL tassel loafer burnt pine

    Aintree loafer chestnut

    Albert slipper navy velvet, green velvet

    Arnham pebble grain

    Arundel loafer black croc

    Ashby 606 burnt pine

    Asquith 808 black, 89 burnt pine, 808 darkoak, 82 coffee suede , 808 mink suede, cordovan

    Atlee 808 darkoak, 808 darkoak willow side, 808 sole

    Badminton boot 89 coffee suede, 606 double sole


    Banbury boot 888, 2, 202, 202 chestnut, 202 walnut country dainite sole, mahogany country double sole, mink suede

    Barksdale RLPL loafer dark oak toe side toe, Edwardian

    Beaulieu 606 dark oak, 606 acorn, side, 606 black, 202 darkoak, 888 chestnut 2 3, 82 burgundy

    Belgravia loafer chestnut

    Berkeley Edwardian 202, 808 chestnut, 202 chestnut side, 888 black, 88 dark oak

    Bibury dark oak

    Brampton loafer chestnut

    Buckingham loafer wine

    Buxton loafer burnt pine

    Cadogan 202 black, 888, 88, 88 collage, 808, 89 tobacco suede, 202 Edwardian, 888 Edwardian side, 202 fox suede side & toe, 202 chestnut

    Camden RLPL monk Edwardian

    Canterbury 808 burgundy, 606 chestnut, 202 chestnut side, 808 Edwardian, 808 burgundy, 808 brandy willow side, MTO chestnut sole

    Cardiff derby RLPL chestnut & white suede spectator side, 89 black, cordovan, RLPL B&W spectator, almond, 808 tobacco suede, 808 Edwardian, Bauxite

    Carnegie evening black patent

    Carter RLPL 89 dark oak double sole side

    Chelsea 888 chestnut, 202 acorn, 202 chestnut, 202 darkoak side, 33 stagsuede, Old Chelsea33 maplestag, Old 808 darkoak side & sole 2, 808 burgundy 2, old 202 darkoak, 888 black, 606 burnt pine, 4 Foster & Sons 2, peanut brittle croc, 888 Chestnut collage 1 2

    Churchill 808 darkoak, 888 black, 808 Edwardian

    City Boot 202 burgundy side profile

    Conniston derby burgundy double Dainite sole fudge welt

    Cumberland 58, 33

    Disraeli topdrawer loafer black

    Dover dark blue, 33 burgundy Dainite sole, 32 chestnut, 32 acorn, 808 birch, 606 dark oak, RLPL, 89 Brandy willow, 88 acorn, 32 dark oak, Flusser B&W spectator collage, 808 brandy willow, 32 coffee suede, RLPL 606, 32 burnt pine, 606 burgundy toe close-up, 606 blue, light suede, 202 Edwardian, bauxite, 82 Edwardian, 32 Chestnut 2, 808 Birch

    Dover II for Barneys 32 Black collage 1 2

    Dundee derby 58 rosewood country Medway sole

    Ecton 888 burgundy, Edwardian

    Edinburgh pump black calf

    Elmsley derby 88 darkoak, Elmsley 202 black, burnt pine, walnut country Medway sole, 202 dark oak

    Exeter 888 darkoak, 808 chestnut, 888

    Falkirk oxford dark oak & almond country 2 tone

    Falmouth 606 chestnut 2

    Fawlsley chestnut

    Fulham 82 burntpine, 888 burnt pine

    Galway boot pebble grain, 2, rosewood country Medway sole

    Gladstone 888 black, 606 acorn


    Gleneagle derby 202 almond country, almond country double Dainite sole

    Glyndibourne 202 Chestnut

    Grant RLPL burnt pine, dark oak, dark oak

    Gresham boot chestnut, 888 suede, acorn, 606 Edwardian, 202 black, 606 black

    Halifax boot 404 black, 404 pebble grain, 202 chestnut, side & sole, walnut country side, mahogany country double Dainite sole

    Harrow loafer burgundy

    Heathe 888 2

    Hewitt RLPL 89 darkoak, 89 black

    Herrick boot 89 darkoak

    Holborn 2-eyelet derby 888 nutmeg suede collage, 606 darkoak side, mink suede

    Holcot now renamed Walcot

    Hythe 606 Edwardian, burnt pine

    Inverness 888 dark oak, collage, 88 dark oak

    Isham 82 chestnut side & sole

    Kibworth 606 Edwardian, 606 black, 888 Edwardian, 202 black

    Kingsway 2-eyelet derby dark oak

    Knightsbridge 100

    Ladbroke 888 maple, black side, 888 darkoak 2, RLPL 89 collage, 808 burnt pine side, 888 burnt pine

    Lichfield 888 darkoak toe & heel sole, 82 burnt pine 2

    Limerick 202

    Lommond boot dark oak

    Mackay RLPL aka Asquith 888 Edwardian side, dark oak side toe

    MacMillan topdrawer monk black

    Malvern 4 Paul Stuart suede, collage, 202 chestnut spectator, 202 black spectator, 202 acorn spectator, 888 darkoak mocha suede side, 202 chestnut-white spectator, 88 black, golf blue & white collage, 606 darkoak, 202 black side, 202 chestnut

    Millfield loafer chestnut

    Molton dark oak

    Monmouth 808 burgundy side

    Montford burgundy

    Montpellier loafer mocca croc

    Nevis 606 Olive

    Newbury wholecut 888 acorn, 606 black, 808 Edwardian, 808 darkoak, 202 acorn, 606 mink suede

    Newlyn loafer birch

    Newmarket boot chestnut double sole

    Oakham loafer mink suede

    Onley 606 darkoak side profile, 888 darkoak, 808 acorn

    Opera pump black patent

    Orkney boot mink suede double sole

    Oundle 808 black

    Parson RLPL 89 suede 2 3 4 5, dark oak

    Piccadilly loafer 184 chestnut

    Peel topdrawer loafer black

    Pelham oxford cap acorn

    Perth burgund, 606 walnut country

    Prestwick loafer dark oak, chestnut & twill spectator

    Ringwood 82 black

    Plymouth oxford 808 darkoak, 82 darkoak side, burgundy

    Royal Albert slipper scarlet suede

    Russell 82 black side, 82 chestnut, 82 acorn side

    Rye 888 burnt pine side toe, burnt pine, 888 maple

    Sandringham derby dark oak double sole, 202 walnut country

    Shannon boot tobacco suede, 2, suede, side, 82 burnt pine collage, dark oak double sole,

    Sherbourne loafer chestnut

    Sloan loafer olive

    Southwold w/ medallian, 888 chestnut, 888 darkoak 2 3 4 5, right side, 888 left side, heel counter, 888 Edwardian, 888 burnt pine, 202 black, 888 maple

    Spey derby dark oak double sole

    Stern RLPL 89 suede 2 3 4 5

    Stowe side, austere brogue, darkbrown, w/ medallion, suede, chestnut

    Sussex, Edwardian

    Tavistock boot 202 chestnut

    Teddington 888 walnut country side

    Telford 202 chestnut side, 808 dark oak, acorn

    Tewkesbury black

    Troon monk 202 otter suede, 202 acorn, 202 black suede, 202 burgundy, 202 black, 32 chestnut, 808 mink suede, burnt pine

    Tunstall loafer burgundy

    Walcot formerly known as Holcot 888 Edwardian, dark oak

    Walpole 202 black

    Warwick boot 606 black suede, 606 w/punched cap black, dark oark, 202 walnut country

    Welland monk dark oak

    Westminster 88 black, 202 black, 888 chestnut side

    Weymouth 82 darkoak, side

    Whittier RLPL 89

    Wigmore loafer chestnut

    Windemere 202 almond, chestnut, 606 black, burnt pine double sole

    Windsor 888 Edwardian

    Yardley Dainite sole, 89 rubber sole, 606 Edwardian, 606 acorn, 202 burnt pine, 606 Edwardian

    Unique custom order Ladbroke-Southwold hybrid 888 dark oak 2

    Unknown Golf Spectator collage

  2. von Rothbart

    von Rothbart Senior member

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    Oct 29, 2004
    John Lobb

    1999 Vintage black 2 side

    2000 Vintage black side, claret

    2001 Vintage museum gold, brown

    2002 Vintage black, brown, pewter, burgundy, side

    2003 Vintage museum gold? 2, chestnut, brown

    2004 Vintage 8000 chestnut sole side, black, pepper 2 3 4 5

    2005 Vintage 7000 brown collage, black, museum plum, walnut, walnut & dark brown spectator side 2

    2006 Vintage treacle, deep grey (stock), dark grey Lord calf 1105 2 3 4 5 6

    Adelaide 8695 black side, Ardilla 2 collage 3

    Aintree Cashew August Calf

    Arlington boot 8000 museum gold

    Ascot Burnt Orange August calf

    Ashley loafer 4596 2

    Ashmore B0697 sole side

    Avon black suede, tobacco suede

    Bahamas 1098 side sole

    Barenia brown

    Barros Barros spectator, brown

    Beaufort monk 8896 black 2 3

    Belvior tall boot Russet Hunter calf

    Blake black 2

    Blakeney 9801 chestnut

    Bolero burgundy

    Bordor 8896 tobacco double sole, side, black pebble grain, toe close up, black calf

    Bourne black

    Bramley brown

    Brampton 1105

    Brook black

    Brooksland boot 8000

    Buckingham tassel loafer suede

    Burghley 4098 black 2 3

    Burshley Chestnut

    Cambridge side


    Campus loafer walnut liege 2

    Canasta Ardilla

    Canonbury boot 7000 black 2 3

    Caracus 3099

    Chambord 8695 Black side, chestnut, 2, pebble grain Dainite sole, 3, triple-sole sole

    Chapel 8000 black, suede

    Chelmer 4800 black, 2, dark oak

    Chester loafer brown

    Chesland boot black

    City black

    Clayton black

    Clipper 8896 black sole

    Clyde boot expresso

    Coldstream country brown side collage

    Columbo loafer brown suede

    Cornhill zipper boot 9001 black sole side

    Cutter loafer 4596 burgundy 2

    Cyprus loafer 3099 tan, 2

    Dallas, Burgundy

    Darby 8695, black, side

    Davos boot black

    Delano monk/loafer chestnut 2

    Delfino black

    Deran black, brown


    Derwent black, 2, blue side

    Dickens 7000 Parisian Museum Brown side sole

    Drake derby 8695 dark brown side sole

    Edward black, brown collage, 7000 museum black sole

    Ennor 2099 Black collage

    Eric loafer 9022 black 2

    Farndon brown, black, collage


    Forest tan, 2

    Fould 8695 burgundy side profile, Ardilla, tan collage, suede, rubber sole

    Foxton 4596 museum plum 2 3 4 5

    Gamay side

    Garnier black, collage, Museum plum 2

    Garnier II 7000 museum plum

    Gary monk, 8695 burgundy 2 3, 8695 antique dark oak side sole

    Gloster boot boot brown

    Grosvenor, brown

    Haddon museum gold, black, side & sole

    Hallaton 1105 tobacco suede & museum chestnut 2 3


    Harborough Chelsea boot 8000 brown suede 2 3, Museum Parisien Brown 8000 2 3 4 5

    Harley 9501 terracotta midbrown 2 3


    Heddon 8000 museum gold side

    Jermyn II black, side, brown, museum gold, burgundy

    Jihel tassel loafer squirrel side 2

    Keats collage

    Kennet 7000 black, dark terra cotta 2 3 4 5 6

    Kent boot


    Langley Russet August Calf

    Langton black 2, museum pewter

    Lopez loafer black

    Ludlow short boot 1105 Russet Hunter calf

    Luffield purple, suede, Museum Parisien Brown 8000 seamless heel 3 4 5 6

    Mambo 4596 antique burgundy side sole

    Marshall chestnut, black

    Marston chestnut, black

    Matta collage

    Matta II black, burgundy

    Medbourne 1105 black 2 3

    Milan , brown

    Milton black, 7000 Ardilla Museum sole

    Monaco 2099

    Morton boot

    Moulden suede

    Nader brown, collage, black

    Naseby black, 2, ardilla, chestnut

    New York black

    Newland monk 8000 brown suede side sole, black, Havana 2

    Norway black 2, pebble grain rubber sole

    Orion 8695 Sahara tan buck side

    Osaka black, brown side

    Osner 8695 Ardilla 2 8695 black, burgundy, dark oak buffalo


    Perrier Acajar side, black, tan, 8695 black 2

    Peter boot suede side

    Pierson suede

    Philip black, 2, brown, sole side, chestnut 2, 3

    Portman black, chestnut, collage, 2, brown collage

    Preston dark brown side & sole, 8896 burgundy sole heel & toe

    Richard brown collage, 2

    Rio loafer tan 2

    Romsey 8000, toe, black

    Russell pebble grain, side, rubber sole black

    Salisbury Tan, canvas collage side

    Sandon 4800 chestnut, dark oak, suede, tobacco suede toe closeup 3 4 5 6


    Scotney 1206 Parisian brown suede

    Scott ghillies black side

    Seymour black, 2, side

    Sherborne 9001 black 2 3

    Sheringhan boot black

    Square , collage

    Stafford black, brown, side, dark oak

    Sulky boot chestnut, side

    Sutton pewter collage, museum brown, 8000 museum gold 2 3 4 5 6

    Tamar derby black, brown, 8000 walnut country

    Tilbury Russet August calf

    Towcester 7000 ardilla, suede, Chestnut Museum 2 3 4 5


    Tudor boot black, side & sole, 2, museum brown, collage, chestnut

    Uzes pebble grain

    Vale 8000, Museum brown seamless heel 3 4 5 6

    Varese boot black

    Verdi burgundy

    Vienna Black 2, brown, side & sole 2, 4

    Volga suede, brown, suede triple sole

    Wallace brown, collage

    Warwick 7000 austere brogue suede, 2-tone, dark oak

    Welford brown, 2

    Welham brown, prototype, Museum plum, Parisian brown

    Westminister Brown, black, side

    William tan, side, collage, black suede, blue, buffalo

    William II Parisian brown

    Widmer black

    Woburn mid-length boot Russet Hunter calf

    York burgundy, black, side

  3. von Rothbart

    von Rothbart Senior member

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    Oct 29, 2004
    Crockett & Jones
    All Handgrade unless denoted by BG (Bench Grade)

    Aintree 337 black, 2

    Albany brown suede side 2, chestnut, black

    Alex BG 348 black

    Audley 337 black

    Balmuir 337 Chestnut side

    Balmuir II 350 burgundy, top & side

    Banbury 337 dark brown

    Barstow 351 tan, black

    Belgrave 337 brown suede, 2

    Byron blucher cap 337 brown, chestnut

    Buckingham boot black

    Campden boot 350 suede

    Clarence boot 337 purple suede & calf

    Clifford 337 black side, tan

    Cleveland 350 tan, dark oak

    Cowdray Chelsea boot 337 black

    Edgware BG 348 tan, dark brown

    Gatsby 348 tan

    Greenwich BG 348 boot black

    Hallam BG 348 tan

    Hanover 337 tan sole 2, black 2

    Kempton slipon 337 black

    Lawrence 330 tan

    Merton BG 348 black

    Monkton BG 348 Black

    Newquay BG 341 mink suede

    Portman monk 350 brown

    Radstock Oxford 341 black 2 outer side inner side

    Roseberry loafer 330 tan, black

    Russell 351 tan

    Salcomb BG loafer brown

    Sandown boot 337 tan

    Savile monk 337 black, dark brown

    Seymour double monk 337 dark brown

    Stanley 337 suede, dark brown, 2

    Talbot BG 348 black

    Tavistock austere wingtip 337 dark brown

    Tavistock II austere wingtip 350 black

    Tetbury BG 348 boot dark brown

    Thierry blucher cap with medallion 337 black

    Tresham 337 brown

    Villiers brown

    Welbeck quarter brogue bal 337 black

    Westbourne BG 348 burgundy 2 3

    Weymouth 337 dark brown, 2

    Whitehall cap bal 330 tan

    Wimble boot brown

    Unknown C&J rendition of JL JermynII for Paul Smith, colloage

  4. zjpj83

    zjpj83 Senior member

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    Oct 25, 2004

  5. von Rothbart

    von Rothbart Senior member

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    Oct 29, 2004

    U vs. F last comparison

    3636 Last

    Alt Wien
    antique Cognac double sole, Bordeaux double sole, Bordeaux cordovan double sole, Bordeaux Vibram sole, brown calf & Scotch grain double sole, Cognac double sole

    Budapest antique Cognac double sole, black Goyser sewn double sole, Bordeaux cordovan double sole, brown double sole, Cognac calf & Scotch grain double sole, Cognac double sole, Golf Cognac & white Goyser sewn double sole

    Theresianer antique Cognac double sole, boot antique Cognac double sole, boot brown Scotch grain Goyer sewn Vibram sole, Bordeaux double sole, Bordeaux cordovan double sole, brown double sole, Cognac, Cognac woven & calf

    Banana Last

    London Bordeaux cordovan double sole, Bordeaux Scotch grain double sole side

    Budapest Last

    Alt Wien black Scotch grain double sole, brown Scotch grain double sole

    London black Scotch double sole, brown Scotch grain Goyser sewn double sole, London Cognac double sole, London stitched upper black

    Norweger Cognac calf mid brown velour double sole, loafer Bordeaux

    Budapest black & white double sole, black Goyser sewn double sole, Bordeaux Goyser sewn double sole, Cognac Goyser sewn double sole, Cognac Scotch double sole, Cognac Scotch grain double sole, dark Cognac calf & brown Scotch grain Goyser sewn double sole, dark Cognac calf & brown Scotch grain Goyser sewn double sole

    F Last

    Double monk Bordeaux Italian polish

    3 Eyelet London dark Cognac Italian Polish

    Italian-Oxford captoe oxblood Italian polish side, plain toe dark Cognac Italian polish, plain toe medallian dark Cognac Italian polish

    Old English black Italian polish side

    Old English II brown calf & Scotch grain, brown Italian polish side

    Theresianer high boot double sole brown velour 2 3 4 5

    New Peter (P2) Last

    Alt Wien black, boot dark brown velour

    Budapest austere dark brown double sole, black Scotch grain double sole, dark blue woven & calf

    Budapest slipper red Cognac

    London Bordeaux, Cognac, dark Cognac, mid brown velour

    Slipper I brown Scotch grain

    Slipper III Cognac

    Theresianer black
    Wholecut black, Cognac, medallion black

    Peter Last

    Alt English black double sole, Bordeaux double sole, plain brown double sole

    Chukka boot double sole

    Loafer antique Cognac, Oxblood

    London summer Bordeaux, Cognac side

    London woven black, Bordeaux

    Norweger boot dark Cognac Goyser sewn Vibram sole, Bordeaux Scotch grain double sole, Cognac double sole, dark brown velour double sole

    R Last

    Alt English antique Cognac, black side, Cognac

    Budapest-Oxford black side, Bordeaux side

    U Last

    Austere Budapest-Oxford 6125 Cognac double sole heel counter 4 5 6 7 8 9

    Budapest-Oxford Cognac, Oxblood, black 2 3 4 5, antique Cognac seamless heel counter 3 4 5 6

    Italian-Oxford plain toe antique cognac side, red Cognac 2

    London 3-eyelet Cognac, burgundy, side, antique cognac 2 3 4 5 6 7

    London w/ stitched upper Bordeaux, brown

    London 3-eyelet boot suede 2 3 4 5, brown shell cordovan side

    London 3-eyelet boot w/ stitched upper Bordeaux

    London austere wingtip Bordeaux 2 3 4

    Monk black

    Old English dark Cognac

    Old English Medallion black(stock), black toe detail 2 3 4 5

    Old English Plain dark brown velour side, black (stock), black seamless heel 3 4 5 6

    Oxford medallion black, side

    slipper stitched upper cognac, antique cognac 2 3 4 5 6

    Wholecut Bordeaux cordovan double sole 3 4 5 6

  6. von Rothbart

    von Rothbart Senior member

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    Oct 29, 2004

    Monk black side 2

    Monk 2 antique brown

    Shortwing derby burgundy

    Captoe bal whisky & darkened toe side

    Captoe bal 2, 2 tone

    Captoe bal 3 rounder toe

    Captoe bal half brogue

    Captoe derby

    Plain toe bal alligator

    Wingtip full brogue bal whisky side, spectator, B-26 last spectator 2 3 4 5 6

    Wholecut with perforation & medallion whisky sole 2[/quote]

    Ltd: Limited Edition, FAM: Fatte a Mano CL: Classic

    3141 FAM brown, black suede

    5425 FAM brown

    5767 FAM brown

    6015 FAM Goodyear brown

    6239 FAM tan

    6250 FAM bootrust

    6341 FAM brown

    6355 FAM tan

    Aianico FAM brown

    Alfred CL Goodyear double monk brown

    Bailey CL Black

    Barrett CL Goodyear black

    Blake CL Goodyear tan

    BradenCL Bologna welt rust

    Brenden CL Bologna welt rust

    Bristol CL Bologna welt rust

    Darren CL Bologna welt dark brown

    Denton CL Goodyear burgundy

    Earl II CL black grosgrain

    Eastman CL Blake stitch dark brown

    Edmond CL dark brown

    Elliston CL dark brown, brown suede

    Elsworth CL Blake stitch dark brown

    Erwin CL dark brown

    Esquire CL Blake stitch dark brown

    Florence CL Goodyear taupe

    Flynn CL Goodyear dark brown

    Ford CL Goodyear rust

    Fowler CL Chelsea boot dark brown

    Francesco CL Bologna welt dark brown

    Fritz CL Goodyear brown

    Griffin CL Goodyear black

    Leighton CL black

    Marro FAM rust

    Remington CL Goodyear tan

    Rubino FAM dark brown

    Thrope CL Goodyear brown

    Townsend CL Goodyear brown

  7. luk-cha

    luk-cha Senior member Dubiously Honored

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    Jun 1, 2006
    Was Sinndom, Now is Rolexdom
    VR great stuff once again, why dont you also do one for G&G's shoes too??[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. Artisan Fan

    Artisan Fan Suitsupply-sider

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    Jul 17, 2006

  9. william

    william Senior member

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    Aug 12, 2006
    Atlanta, GA
    What no Cole Haan?

    There's always a funny guy, wherever you go.....[​IMG]

  10. grimslade

    grimslade Senior member

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    Mar 31, 2006
    Back in Black
    It seemed to me that these deserve a place in the pictorial index. I'm not sure whether there's a model name for them. They're EG's for Asprey, but they're not Malverns. They have double soles, a storm welt and an adelaide throat. I tried to take pictures of mine, but they came out poorly with my camera phone. These are from a pair that was posting in B&S a while back.

    EDIT: Pics smaller now. Apologies.

  11. Brad

    Brad Senior member

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Beyond Thunderdome
    Grimslade, that is the EG Plymouth.

  12. grimslade

    grimslade Senior member

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    Mar 31, 2006
    Back in Black
    It's close, it's true. I guess it qualifies as a variation on the plymouth, with a different medallion, double sole and storm welt.

  13. mussel

    mussel Senior member

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    Sep 29, 2004
    Grim, would you mind if you could remove the two big pictures and repost them on 2nd page of this thread? These 2 pictures are BIG, every time I try to get a quick reference on the shoe pics, your pictures slow down, way down, the page loading and I have DSL. Thanks.

  14. mr.carlitos

    mr.carlitos Member

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    Jul 24, 2007
    Alden ? Grenson ? Church's ?

  15. william

    william Senior member

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    Aug 12, 2006
    Atlanta, GA
    We should turn this into a shoe Wiki. That way we could continually add and update content.

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