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Shoe heels

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by garyclark, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. garyclark

    garyclark Active Member

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Hey gents:

    I recently picked up my first pair of what I consider quality shoes (Mezlan), and I want to make sure I take better care of them than I have with my previous pairs. Eventualy, I'll be looking at some Alden's, but I want to make sure I can actually keep nice shoes nice before I spend that much money.

    On all of my shoes, I tend to wear down the heel. I'm sure it's my gait, as regardless of the fit or style, they wear down consistently. I have to walk outside for about 30 minutes a day. As I live in the Northeast, that means asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, bricks, grates, etc. It also means lots of rain, snow, ice and salt. Furthermore, I confess to actually running at times to catch the bus or train. I'm sure this is murder on the heels of my shoes.

    I've searched the site a bit, but didnt see anything about heels. So, a few questions:

    1) Apart from not running, what can I do to protect them?
    2) Do you recommend any shoe covers for wet weather? I have $20 Totes. But I worry that they're not helpful, or even damaging.
    3) If I do want to get my other shoes re-soled, any recommendations on how to find a good cobbler? Or what to ask for to make sure I don't get a hunk of chunky rubber?

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  2. atoms

    atoms Senior member

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    Oct 5, 2012
    I had a friend in High School who dragged just his heels during the forward stride. He wore sneakers. He would get vocally upset at how often he had to replace his shoes, and he blamed the shoe maker for "cheap" shoes. It was obvious to anyone else just how ANNOYING it was to walk with him for any distance due to the audible heel dragging. This was 20 years ago, but I wonder if he ever learned a way to adjust his step.

    1) Running will be pretty hard on them. But when walking are you dragging your heels during each forward step? You might not know you do it because it's how you've been walking your whole life. The next best bet is to carry around some beater shoes and wear those during the walking/running. Put the nice shoes on once at your destination.
    2) If the totes you have fit, use em. There are other brands, perhaps better, perhaps not. That would be your call.
    3) Find a cobbler and have a discussion with them about your concerns. Form an opinion. Spend your money where it feels right. The cobbler I use is pretty frank about things. I brought in some glued soles for repair and he said "I can do it, but it's just going to fall off again at some point". I don't think he was trying to turn the work away. I think he genuinely wanted me to walk away happy.

  3. nickwjd

    nickwjd Well-Known Member

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    Apr 10, 2012
    You could always try heel taps and see if you mind them or not. They'll help keep the heel wear at bay if you don't want to replace the heels too often.

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