Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Oyaji, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Had a fabulous tour of the CnJ factory yesterday courtesy of the talented Mr Fox. An awe inspiring place steeped in tradition, the atmosphere palpable even when all the craftsmen and women had left for the day. I even met Mr Jones, 4th generation, whose passion for CnJ shone through in every word.
    It is amazing indeed to walk through the process that delivers such fine footwear, I hadn't appreciated that when I send shoes for work here they are dealt with by one of only two craftsmen and then the shoes join the line to be finished alongside their brethren. Things you learn!
    The sights, smells and history of this place delivers a huge impact on the senses! #englandsfinest
    Thanks for a great meeting, memorable tour and the opportunity to chat with men passionate about their history, tradition and craft.

    IMG_1871.jpg IMG_1872.jpg IMG_1873.jpg IMG_1874.jpg IMG_1876.jpg IMG_1877.jpg IMG_1879.jpg IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1881.jpg
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