Shirt Shopping Trouble - Odd Neck Size / Arm Length Combination

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Ridgewoodian, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Feb 3, 2016
    So, I have been told that I have an odd Neck Size / Arm Length Combination. I've recently lost around 30 pounds and am now 178 lbs, standing 6'3". As I don't wear a suit everyday for work, none of my dress clothes fit anymore. I went to Brooks Brothers for a new white shirt and I wanted to try a slimmer style shirt (I have been so sick of the "muffin-top" look from all of my shirts...always so much extra fabric!!!) and after taking my measurements, the gentleman informed me that the Regent style (their slim fit) didn't come in my measurements. I am a 14.5/15" neck and a 36" arm.

    What do I do here? I spent a while at Macy's and was getting the same results. Pink, Ralph Lauren, everyone seems to not carry a shirt in that size. Am I forced to get something made custom? Brooks Brothers is $160 for a custom shirt and I'm nervous after putting in everything on their site, I may get something I end up not liking and is non returnable. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Oh - and 1 side question (same topic I guess) - can one get a suit re sized? Since losing weight, my suit pants are held up only by my belt and the jacket looks ridiculous. I was seeing mixed results when scouring the web on this topic.


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    Your neck size in proportion to your sleeve does seem atypical, but I can't say for certain. I order most of my shirts these days from Luxire ( There you can pick all your measurements. Start with something cheap like their trial shirt: or maybe just a cheaper option:

    I might recommend the trial shirt to get the hang of things then go from there. Don't expect much from the trial shirt, but I can vouch that their "better" shirts are easily as good or better than most of what BB has to offer.

    As for your suit question: Suit pants can be taken in, but not usually more than 2". Jackets can also be taken in and sleeves shortened/lengthened, but the chest and shoulders are likely fixed (unless you have an extremely skilled tailor).

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    If you are unsure of your size. and Brooks brothers Sales people are not the most accurate in measuring.

    have a reputable shirtmaker take your measurements.

    the suits are a lost cause.
    you can take in the bodies, but the shoulders and chest will not fit.
    Not worth the expense for alterations.
    just buy a rtw suit
    make sure the shoulders fit.

    make sure there is enoeugh fabric inside the sleeves to lengthen.
    this means, unless you get a suit in a size long, stay away from anything that has working buttonhole, real or fake.

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    Oct 2, 2010

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