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Shirt recommendations please

Some consulting guy

Active Member
May 17, 2010
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Guys please help me out. I would like to see if I can tap into the collective wisdom of the forum and get a better fitting selection of shirts. Despite doing a bit of research on the forum over the last 6 months, my results so far indicate that I am looking for shirts in the wrong places.

I work in a suit wearing environment and have worn OTR shirts most of my working life. In an attempt to improve the fit/quality, I ordered a plain white double cuff shirt at Tailorstore. I self measured and the fit of the shirt is very good. However the fabric - one of their pricier pure cotton options - is difficult to iron, creases very easily and by the end of a work day the shirt looks like I have been sleeping in it for the last week. There is also a fault in one of the cuffs which means it does not sit 100% correctly, although it is not very noticeable.

I then ordered a shirt from Moderntailor. Despite reading warnings on this forum, I went with my body measurements rather than measuring my best fitting shirt as I was overseas working at the time and did not have access to my ideal shirt to measure the actual item. Using the same self measurements I used to order my Tailorstore shirt, I received a number of queries from Moderntailor, then received a shirt which after several washes is at least 6" wider in the chest and waist than needed, way longer in the sleaves, and not as long in the body as I had stipulated (shirt length was one of the measurements they queried and I duly confirmed as being correct, but was subsequently ignored by MT in their production process). The fabric on this shirt is very good and after spending an additional $40 in alterations at a tailor, the shirt is wearable.

I tried Moderntailor again, only this time using the measurements taken from my Tailorstore shirt. I did not receive any queries from Moderntailor on the measurements and received the shirt quite promptly. The second result has a very nice fabric (different from the first order), and the shirt is better fitting than the first MT shirt in most regards, but is still overly large around the waist' not as long in the body as I stipulated, and the sleaves are about .5" too short.

So my question is, where do I go from here? Mail order MTM seemed to hold a lot of promise, but has proven to be a frustrating experience. I am starting to think I may be better served by buying OTR and getting the shirt tailored, since at least I can make sure I am happy with the fabric and basic fit. That ends up being a fairly costly option, but at least I have a reasonable amount of control over the outcome. But before I go that route, I wanted to reach out to see if there are any other options? Am I missing something, giving up too soon, some other mail order MTM I should try before I write them off?


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Dec 6, 2009
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MT seems to have gone downhill from the time they 'launched' here. I've only used them and propercloth. While I really really like PC, they aren't cheap at all. They don't have regular sales, and they take forever. And I mean forever. But they're upfront about it. Quality of the fabric is always what you pay for. Or rather, incremental with price. At least in terms of the hand. Anyway, I would recommend them for you for one reason. Their fit guarantee. Expensive? Yes. But they will make sure the shirt fits, even if it takes a few tries. Does it take long? Yes. But its a nice guarantee and one I don't see very often. You can get $10 off by signing up using my referral link The other alternative I would recommend is to get measured in person or have a custom shirt made for you by a tailor. Both options have proved to be expensive IME, but the results are very nice. And pretty quick turnaround IME. Well, I was expecting longer and received my shirts pretty quickly. But, this is the most expensive option.


Distinguished Member
Mar 23, 2007
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How much off was the length from your measurements to actual? If MT didn't follow your instructions then tell them so. Otherwise, make the adjustments as needed for your follow-up order.

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