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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by masterphotog, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm writing to see if this has been tried and what your experience was in doing so:

    I have the opportunity to purchase some wonderful fabric - 100% worsted pure cashmere as well as some herringbone super 120's merino wool for a very low price.

    My quandary is since I've never provided my tailor with material, I never considered it until this opportunity presented itself. The quote that I'm getting from my tailor, by providing material, is VERY VERY close to what I would pay if I had not provided the material. Yes, I'm sure that he is giving me a break on the material that he has in stock, because that's what I've always used, but I would think that my providing my own fabric would be quite a bit of a lower price, on say a pair of trousers.

    Well, I didn't push the issue with him, I just asked what it would cost if I brought in my own material and left it at that.

    Since then, I've gotten some good recommendations from some tailors in Hong Kong and I also have reached out to them via email, asking if this is a service they could provide (I send them material along with a pair of my trousers to copy). All of the responses I've gotten have been overly polite and eager to help me out. They're price to do so, comes in significantly lower than for my tailor to have this done - including shipping (I'm in the US).

    Can those of you that have done this, give me some advice on whether or not I should try this or is this an avenue not worth pursuing?

    The tailors that have eagerly responded have been:

    Michael - taktaktailor
    Jim's Tailor Workshop
    Peter - Charms Tailor
    Roshan - Sam's Tailor

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    I never think asking tailor to strictly copy stuff is a good idea. Also never a good idea to try a tailor without reaching the shop.

    The HK tailor you mentioned are good if you don't expect too much

    I will pay a little bit extra and to work with the local tailor, at least they know what you and your body look like.

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    I did it years ago with local tailors in South America and Spain.
    By local I mean that I was able to get fittings etc. Nevertheless,
    the results were problematical. Neither was a good copy of
    the Brooks Bros. trad jacket I left them to copy. The Spanish
    tailor produced an elegant slim fitting suit in the then latest
    Italain style. It looked good but it wasn't "me". The Ecuadorean
    tailor gave me a suit that might have been worn by a mid-level
    provincial official with squeaky shoes in that country.
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