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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Sprocket Jockey, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Mar 5, 2002
    I have a fraternity Semi Formal Dance/dinner event comming up. I live in an area of Michigan near Flint where Fubu is considered fahionable. ugh. Needless to say I don't plan on sporting the thug look to this festivity. The closest thing to a fashionable place to shop nearby is a Marshall Feilds at the local mall. This event will be attended by mostly guys in their early twenties with dates.
    I'm going for a fun, laid back, yet still classy look. it's not a real formal event, i could easily get by without at tie.
    The suit i'm considering is a greyis khaki three button with single pleat cuffed pants, a dark greyish green shirt and no tie. I'm concerend about what color shirts look good with this color suit, i want to purchase a few for variety. i'm looking to spend about seven hundred on the whole outfit including shoes. the shoes i'm looking at are oxblood kenneth coles (i know you all hate kenneth cole, but thats the best we've got out here.) is oxblood an appropriate color for this suit? should the belt then also be oxblood?
    should there be a shirt visible under the dress shirt if it's left unbuttoned? one button or two undone?
    any advice would be appreciated.

    oh yeah, my date is a fashion major and a model, so i need to dress to impress...

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    Feb 17, 2002
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    If this is an evening event, I wouldn't suggest the khaki suit. I would find something darker.

    But if you are stuck with the khaki, the green shirt would be okay, but I might find another tone to put with the suit like burgundy or navy, just to add some visual interest colour-wise. The oxblood shoes should work, as would probably most other colours, and whatever you choose should match the belt. If you have no tie, leave the top button undone, and my own preference is for no shirt showing underneath the top undone button. What I usually do is to wear a good shallow v-neck t-shirt, not just a cheap undershirt, and then if I want or if it gets hot I can undo the top two buttons and show a real shirt underneath.

    If you're going to buy new shoes, the consensus seems to be that KC or not, try to avoid the clunky square-toe thing of a couple years ago, and get something more sleek and elegant.


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    Mar 2, 2002
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    I agree with J and if this is an evening event, go for a darker colored suit if you can. If not, you can't, don't fret. You'll be fine. As for the shirt, not too grey. You want to throw in some color in there. It'll look nice to have a low-key suit with a noticable (but stylish) shirt. I like the open collar look, and on the subject of buttons. It really depends on how far down the second button is. If it isn't too low, you can unbutton it, but if it would reveal even a v-neck when unbuttoned, then button up, bud. And just leave the top one opened.

    The belt must match the shoes.. Oxblood will go fine. And the shoes, Kenneth Cole is good. Many people don't like him, but many people do. So as long as they aren't huge and clunky, go for them. And last of all, enjoy yourself.


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