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Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by tunnelrat, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Hi guys, no intention to start another "photo only" thread like this , mostly a BS theoretical discussion... I just returned from Paris and every time I'm there I'm in awe of how the guys there look. They are almost never "perfectly" dressed as the Italians for example, but they often have a very special and individual style which makes them look interesting. You often see a guy in very regular clothes, where every part taken separately is nothing special, but put together it looks great and totally effortless. I don't know how they make it. Yeah, they eat frogs and stinky cheese, but they definitely know how to look cool.

    What do you consider to be parts of this "French (Parisian) style"? For me, it would be, in no particular order:
    -slightly disheveled look, they always look a little shabby, but in a very cool way
    -longish hair (american guys rarely wear them this long)
    -slightly effeminate build (they are usually skinny with narrow shoulders)
    -slightly effeminate fashion sense (no man from other country could pull off thick wooly cashmere scarfs without being immediately called gay)
    -shoes (often scuffed "patinated" boots, almost always interesting)
    -not paying attention to "trendy" clothes, mostly a timeless style
    -confidence (they could sometimes pull off really ugly things and yet look cool because of their "I don't give a damn" attitude)

    Add your opinions, if you like. Those by actual French guys (are there any here?) are well appreciated!

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