Second thoughts on ZegnaSport

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by SGladwell, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Mar 11, 2006
    Ever since the line came out, I've had mild disdain for ZegnaSport. I thought their stuff rampantly overpriced and undistinguished in materials or quality.

    A few weeks ago, my girlfriend bought me a ZS half-zip fleece in orange with blue accents. It had a sticker price of $175 and was made in Tunisia*; she paid about $65 at NM Last Call in New York. (I don't know when Zegna changed logos, but it has the new logo with the Z in back and ZegnaSport written in the usual Zegna font rather than the old logo.) Dammit if it isn't the softest, most comfortable fleece I've ever worn. It is perfect for morning jogs when it's too cold to wear just a T-shirt. (My previous favorite was a house brand for the Austrian chain Don Gil, which was much softer and better-fitting than the stuff sold by the North Face etc.) I wouldn't pay the full price for this fleece (or any other) but exclusive of price I do think it is a qualitiatively better garment than anything else I've seen in its category. So if you see one cheap at an outlet, and you have a use for that type of clothing, maybe take a look at it before rejecting it because of the label.

    *I know many fetishize American or European production, but to be truthful I would rather buy a high-quality product of developing country labor than of developed country labor, because they have to start somewhere and textiles is the historical jumping off point for development. That is to say, if presented three whatevers of identical quality and identical prices, one American-made, one Italian/German/British-made, and one made in a developed country, I would take the third one every time.

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    Nov 5, 2004
    I've seen a few nice pairs of Zegna Sport trousers from $55-$100 on sale at the discount places. For that price, they are better than most of what you see at chain stores and department stores. At the original price, they are not a good deal, but I've seen enough to think that Zegna is

    1) producing a lot of this stuff and/or
    2) It hasn't really found a market and is not selling.

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