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Second opinion on lapel popping on MTM Beckett & Robb suit


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Jul 23, 2019
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I’ve only ever owned off-the-rack suits in the past (without a great fit) so I ordered an MTM suit from Beckett & Robb. I’m having issues with the lapel of the suit jacket puffing away from my chest. I can hunch a bit and roll my shoulders forward to make the lapels sit flatter, but when I stand up straight the lapels crease and sit away from my chest such that there’s a large gap between the lapel and my chest. When wearing a shirt without a collar, the issue is a bit worse.

The store manager said this is because the waist is a bit too tight, and also that it takes some time to break in (it’s full-canvassed). We already went through one round of alterations to let the waist out a bit (he says it helped but I didn’t notice any difference). Now he wants to let the waist out more. I’m losing confidence. There’s already a good bit of room at the waist (I can comfortably fit my palm sideways between my buttoned jacket and my belly), and I don’t want to end up with a jacket that doesn’t fit at the chest and is loose at the waist.

I’m pretty deep-chested compared to most men, so I’m concerned that the chest of the jacket needs to be altered to fit properly. It feels like the fabric is pulling at the lapels from the side of the arm holes (just above the armpits). However, the store manager says that the chest is fine, and that if I want a chest alteration done that I need to specify what exactly needs to be done and no do-overs (I’m not a tailor, so I’m not comfortable specifying alterations).

My questions are:
  1. Will this jacket actually break in over time? Do I need to quit worrying and just wear it more?
  2. Will letting the waist out more help with the lapel puffing out?
  3. Does the chest need any alterations?
  4. Does this issue need to be debugged in person? Should I take it to another tailor in town for a second opinion?

Thanks in advance!



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Jun 17, 2019
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1. No
2. No

The chest is not fine. Maybe it can be improved a bit with a lot of work but you should 100% ask for a remake. Did you try on a test suit before commissioning?


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Aug 29, 2013
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However, the store manager says that the chest is fine, and that if I want a chest alteration done that I need to specify what exactly needs to be done and no do-overs (I’m not a tailor, so I’m not comfortable specifying alterations).
No, this problem will not go away with "breaking in".

This is a huge red flag to me and indicates that they don't know what they're talking about and that their customer service is terrible. It is not your job to tell them how to fix the problem. It is their job to fix it.

The chest is obviously not fine: you're saying the chest feels tight and the photos also suggest that the chest is tight. I am not a tailor but I see two problems. I think the front balance is short (you need more length in the front of the jacket to get over your prominent chest). A clue to this is that the quarters are closing/'scissoring' below your button. This is why the problem gets better when you hunch your back (effectively shortening the front of your body). You also need more fulllness in the chest (e.g .by increasing the width of the front panels of the jacket and/or adding a lapel dart). None of these can be addressed by alteration.

However, if they refuse to acknowledge that the chest doesn't fit, they won't get it right in a remake. And there is no way for you to be able to specify what needs to be done since you're not a tailor and you don't know what kinds of adjustments their MTM system will accommodate.

At this point I would recommend requesting a refund. I would not go along with a remake since they cannot/will not recognize the root cause(s) of the problem. I think that the chance that you're going to get a properly fitting suit from them is low.

You can try posting to this thread though not all posts get professional responses.'

Edit: see this post and the following responses (here and here) that address your problem.
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Aug 12, 2017
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The BS "breaking in" response reminds me of the old British comedy "Are You Being Served", where the salespeople would tell the customers the sleeves would ride up or down "with wear" depending on what was needed. As people pointed out, it will not break in. This level of service is similar to what I experienced with my one ill fated attempt at using Beckett & Robb. Good luck resolving it.

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