Sebago or Sperrys with these trousers?

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by Roger Mellie, Jun 23, 2016.

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    I have been trying to do my homework rather than start this thread, but I am too clueless. Will a boat shoe go with trousers likes these or not?


    I have two pairs of trousers that I bought for warmer weather. The above navy pair for the breathable material, and a pair of light beige casual linen trousers. I have been looking for shoes to go with them but my own travels on Google image search came up with the same styles of footwear that are mentioned on these forums - namely Sperry and Sebago which I can buy easily in the UK. I tend to go for black as the safest colour, but I find the shoes I like the silhouette of most are usually in other colours like navy or brown.

    Take for example the Sebago Sloop, which is the perfect shape, but in brown. I don't know what I have against brown, but my feeling is for a casual look I will get it wrong.

    The schooner looks good in the mixed black / brown if I can get it in the UK.

    Anyway, I have been on Google for hours. If anyone can recommend a shoe without much of a heel, and a slim silhouette I'd be grateful. I was going to buy the Geox Simon as a quick fix, but I suspect they are a bit bigger than they look in the photos, and I think my trousers would get caught on the front part of the shoe. Brown? Black? Best style? More than one pair? Help a brutha out.

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