Saul Goodman v. Theo Galavan:

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by 1Ventor2Vent, Nov 9, 2015.

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    Heyup folks; long time casual reader, first time blogger.

    Finally decided to sign up as recently I've noticed a few curious things in American television (I am from New Zealand, presently living in Japan).

    Anyway, I have noticed that in the TV shows "Better Call Saul" and "Gotham" that a handful of characters - characters who wish to appear dapper and do so with varying degrees of success - are decked out in double-breasted suits... all very well. Yet I notice that both the Saul Goodman and Theo Galavan characters both wear double-breasted suits... WITH A SINGLE VENT (in the case of the latter, check out the episode "Mommy's Little Monster," in the former, any episode of "Better Call Saul"...)

    Now, in the case of Saul Goodman, struggling lawyer in his formative years, I could understand that the designer was going for a "cheap faux pa suit" look... and yet the character Theo Galavan on Gotham is ostensibly wealthy... yet also sports the same style of a DB coat with a single vent at the back.

    And there is the clincher; Although I know that a single vent is definitely a NO-NO with DB suits, and although I have never seen it in reality... nonetheless I think that it actually looks rather unique and I am erring on the side that I somewhat like it.

    I'd love to hear other opinions on this, if anybody cares to comment. Am I being totally tasteless here? Am I the only one who has noticed this recent TV trend? And is it being done for reasons of cinematography rather than character traits?

    Regards all!

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