Santoni Shoes and my ordeal to buy a pair of boots!

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by rogerm, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Two weeks ago I was in Bremen Germany at a shoe store called Stiesing and I found a great pair of handmade Santoni Boots. I didn't buy them because I had no room to take them, but I took the style name (knut). When I returned, I called the Santoni shop in New York and they said they do not stock them and there is no way they will special order them. I was also told there was no point in speaking to the manager since they were his rules and there are no exceptions. I tried calling & emailing the Stiesing shop in Germany, but they do not speak English. I emailed Santoni in Italy and asked about the boots and he gave me the phone number to their German agent since he couldn't locate them. I called their German agent to see if he could help me buy them, and he has been the most reasonable helpful person so far. He was shocked the New York store was so unco-operative since this was a reasonable request, but he said there is nothing he can do since he doesn't deal with sales, he just fills orders for stores. I emailed Santoni Italy again and they haven't responded. Nice boots, but so far Santoni's service, especially in New York, leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



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    I find it a bit strange, that a German shop does not have at least one member of staff to speak English.

    I can certainly phone them on your behalf and ask, if they will ship to the US and what’s the best way of payment is. Credit cards are not that widely accepted in Germany, although I presume a main store in a town like Bremen would accept them.

    Send me a PM with the details of the shoes and I will phone them tomorrow. German is my mother tongue, so I should be alright.

    They have got a website, even one with an English flag, indicating that language is spoken:

    Alternatively e-mail them, someone must speak English.

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