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Sam Hober Ties

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Burton, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Burton

    Burton Senior member

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    Jan 14, 2010
    I am parting with -not really selling beause I would prefer to keep-two Sam Hober ties. These are the first two ties I purchased from David. They are great ties, but they are two inches too long for me. The first is the Navy Grenadine Silk Tie #11 and the second is Red Stripe On Midnight Blue Grenadine Tie #1

    Condition of the ties: There are pictures, but I would say the Navy is in excellent condition and the Red Stripe is like new. I purchased the ties March 18, 2011. The Navy has been worn a dozen times and the red stripe once or twice. I will not sell them seperately, so please make on offer on both. So we need only negotiate the price, here are my shipping fees: I will charge $5.00 for shipping in CONUS. - shipping anywhere else will be actual cost. (Please do not ask me to change these terms.)

    Meausrements[/b} Since the ties are grenadines, the measurements are rough guidelines. Length 58" and width 3.5".

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