Saks Rolls, Shirt Selection and Beautiful Belts - 3/20/13

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    Saks Pushing Private Label

    Saks Fifth Avenue is reportedly redoing their private men’s label. Starting this Fall, the label will have a new name, several subbrands, and shops in shop devoted entirely to it. Saks hopes to eventually wholesale the brand to other stores.

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    Mafoofan wants to commission some new shirts, and, as always, it’s not as simple as it’d seem. Is he crazy? Is he wrong?

    All About Equus

    It’s difficult to find a great, well made heavy bridle leather quick release belt. Luckily, Equus is here – and beyond being a StyleForum Sponsor (woo!), they make an excellent product that straddles the world between Streetwear and Classic Menswear.

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    Visvim Deckhand, 2

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