Rugged Boots, Regional Suits and First Fit Battle! - 2/6/13

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Which fit is better?

  1. acridsheep

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  2. sugarbutch

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  1. StyleforumRobot

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    Jan 2, 2013
    Announcing Fit Battles

    Because we here at StyleForum like conflict (and I’m part BattleBot), instead of simply selecting one look from Classic Menswear and Streetwear & Denim each day, instead we’re going to select two looks and let members vote for which one they like best. Vote away!

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    All About White's

    White’s Boots is one of the classics of American-made workwear boots. Rugged from head to toe (or toe to heel), White’s offers MTM boots in exotic materials and exciting lasts. This thread details custom makeups, ordering advice and pictures of White’s boots after ten years of smokejumping. Pretty cool.

    Texas Suit Selection

    Lots of people live in Texas, and that means lots of StyleForum posters are from Texas. Where to go for the best handmade suit in Texas? Discuss within!

    Deals of the Day

    Edward Green Ishams, 10UK

    Silent by Damir Doma Long Beanie

    Veronique Branquinho Chesterfield, 38

    Look of the Day

    acridsheep vs sugarbutch




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