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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by wetnose, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Presently my broadband modem and my wifi router is located in the basement. The router has 1 ethernet cable going in from the modem, and 2 ethernet cables going out: 1 to a laptop, and 1 to a PS3.

    I've noticed that the signal is often poor in the second floor of the house, so I went to buy this:

    It's kinda neat because I can plug one of them into a power socket in the basement then plug the other one into a power socket on the second floor then have a functioning network coming out of both powersockets.

    I want to mount the wifi router on the second floor, so can I just run the ethernet line from the modem to a 5 port switch, then from the switch to the netgear adapter? Or should I get another router for the basement?
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    just get a switch. it doesn't matter whether router/cable modem is upstairs or downstairs. You just plug a cable into a LAN port and from there to your new switch. you may/may not need a crossover cable to connect the back of the router to the switch depending on whether your switch has auto-sensing ports. if it doesn't the link won't come up between the devices so it's safest to just buy one.

    I've never used powerline adapters before so i can't tell you how well they will perform but unless you're doing really high speeds it's probably fine.
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    from what i've read, performance is largely dependent on your home's wiring. i considered trying one out, but living in an older house, in an area with occasionally fluctuating power i decided against it.

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