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Robson's Beeswax Polish?


Distinguished Member
Apr 8, 2006
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No, but it looks like it has good ingredients. I highly doubt it's twice as good as Kiwi based on the fact it's twice the price, but I think it's worth trying and reporting to us
. It definitely wouldn't harm your shoes.

I would happily try this brand, but I ended up buying Lincoln and Angelus wax polishes. I think they work great.


New Member
May 14, 2013
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I use Robson's a lot. I'll admit it, my OCD does lead me to polish every pair of shoes in our house from time to time, and I have tried a bunch of different stuff. I like the W.S. Robson's Beeswax polish because it gives the greatest shine of anything I've tried, and I have gone through tubs of shoe polish, you name it, I've probably used it - remember OCD.

Robson's has a more buttery consistency and is easier to apply to shoes than other wax based polishes. I find this helps one apply the proper amount of polish more easily, helping to avoid waste. The wax is also a pretty intense armor for your shoes, so so when you get stuck in a downpour wearing $400 To Boot New York's you know your shoes won't discolor or be damaged. Water just beads up on the polish. Lastly, the polish does not stain or discolor threading and is easy to remove from decorative patterns in the leather so shoes tend to look newer longer.

The only downside is the wax can make your shoes squeak when you rub your feet together. I've noticed it more with softer leathers. I am always a little afraid someone will think I am wearing rubber shoes because the sound mimics rubber perfectly.

But I have had an enormous number of compliments on both expensive and cheap shoes after polishing them with Robson's. The beeswax shine gets noticed and complimented frequently. I actually had a retired marine colonel stop me at a gala last week and tell me he is glad some military personnel continue to live by the spit shine after leaving the service. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was never in the military, my wife is the former marine - I'm a pacifist.

Percy Trimmer

Senior Member
Mar 31, 2006
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I would also highly recommend Robson's. I have been using it for years. It has a high colour content so restores as well as producing a good shine.

I buy it online from the farm: http://www.chainbridgehoney.co.uk/Beeswax-Polish__c-p-0-0-29.aspx

They only list two colours so they are not going to put Saphir out of business.

They used to do blue as well and they have supplied this on request (at no extra cost) , but I don't know if this was old stock or whether they could do other colours as well.


Distinguished Member
Aug 12, 2011
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Robson's are good but very high wax content compare to Saphire or Kiwi IMO. So polished shoes do feel sticky at times. Lack of color is definitely a minus.


Senior Member
May 9, 2013
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I think the point is it is produced as a by product by a honey farm.
Right but that doesn't mean its great, or that somehow its method of production is an excuse for its side effects. I'd be interested to try it as well, however.


Distinguished Member
May 22, 2013
Reaction score
I just purchased two tins of Robson's polish. To be honest this thing doesn't look or feel like paste wax at all. It doesn't hold a mirror, for sure, based on the consistency. It feels a lot more like something I would use after Réno and Pommadièr in terms of a sealing wax. It sure will preserve the leather, and it is great for leather sole (in neutral, you don't want black stains on carpet).

Black wax is more like a cream in consistence. It looks heavy in Blue shade, as if those guys mixed blue with something else to create black. For all I know, this polish is definitely a treat for expensive shoes.

In comparison to Kiwi, this polish rocks. In compare to MDO wax, I think it serves a far different function and the two are incomparable.

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