Replacing only part of a jacket lining

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by mack11211, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Dear Folks:

    One of my sport jackets has a lining that has disintegrated near the collar.

    The jacket is partially lined, by which I mean the chest is lined, as are the sleeves and the upper back down to the shoulder blades. There are also pieces of lining around the double vents.

    The pieces other than the back piece are in fine shape. So the back piece is the only one absolutely needing replacement.

    Have you ever replaced only part of a jacket lining? I'm thinking of this because I suspect it would be less expensive. Exactly matching the old and new linings is unlikely, as this is a vintage garment and the lining has a tiny intarsia pattern. The lining color itself (black) should be easy enough to match, even if I can't match the shade or level of sheen.

    The jacket is something I wear with jeans, to parties. It's not part of a business suit or a dinner suit.

    I know the English will patch up just about anything anywhere, especially with country clothing, but this is a sharply cut jacket and I am in Brooklyn USA.



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    Sure, easy task and often done, especially on vintage clothing.

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