Redness / bumps / ingrown hairs on shoulders from dealing with hair - solutions?

Discussion in 'Health & Body' started by Fat-Elvis, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I have a bit of an issue I've been dealing with for a while, and I feel it's time I do something about it. Basically I have quite a bit of body hair, and that includes back, shoulder and upper arm hair. As unsightly as my back hair is, my shoulder hair is posing a unique problem. 2-3 years ago I developed the habit of pulling out my shoulder hairs- usually with tweezers, but sometimes with my fingers. I think it satisfies an urge I've had all my life (at least when I was younger) to pick at things, like scabs, but it also took care of hairs that were difficult to shave.

    The problem is, all that hair pulling has caused the skin on my shoulders (and to a lesser extent the shoulder hair that reaches down my upper arms) to become kind of disgusting looking. Almost diseased looking. There's redness, bumps, and worst of all thick, dark, coarse hairs that grow out at such low angles that they're impossible to shave off. So in order to get rid of them I need to tweeze them out, continuing the cycle.

    If I stop pulling/tweezing the hairs for a while the redness starts to go away, but I'm still left with the problem of hairs that grow out at such low angles that they're almost growing right under the skin. I can't tell if that's something caused by the years of removing the hairs as I do or if they'd grow that way no matter what, but is there anything I can do about this? The ingrown/weird-growing hairs and the bumps and redness in general? I've tried exfoliating with a loofa and salicylic acid body wash for months on end fairly regularly but that doesn't take care of it. Is there anything more drastic that I should try? Getting a microdermabrasion kit? Skin peel? Any ideas?

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