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Recommend me some outfits/styles, please


New Member
Feb 20, 2011
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Hello! New guy here, trying to find the style(s) that suits my personality and state of mind. A few things about me which could help in the recommendation of a style I realized that I wasn't true to my nature in these 23 years of living. I was brought up nicely and learned to be a calm, quiet, plain dude. And my outfits always expressed that (plain T-shirts, sweaters and jeans). But I love action, I hate sitting around shooting sh!t and I want lots of excitement in my life. I'm actively working on my personality in order to live how I truly desire. I want to project this attitude with my appearance and the fastest way to do it is through clothing. Other facts: - I'm 6ft tall - I'm skinny (only ~140 pounds/65kg, but I try to bulk up) - black hair which I keep short and pointed up (6 cm max before I cut down to 3-4cm) - very broad shouldered, a tight waist and.. ass (if I were to bulk up I'd look like a swimmer, me thinks. Hopefully will bulk just enough in about a year) - I will most probably work in an office for the next 3 years, staring at a screen
- I "am ready for action" outside of working hours (or want to be) (ready for action = meeting people, doing some sports, attending some events) - a bit of a geeky aura/looks, which I'm working on to shed So which outfits help project the image of an intriguing, successful, action man with a personality [and with a bad-boy touch to him] and would not hinder me in my daily life? I glanced around kinowear and here's what [I think that] I'd like to be wearing for different occasions: http://www.kinowear.com/blog/kinowear-lookbook-1 http://www.kinowear.com/blog/kinowear-lookbook-6 http://www.kinowear.com/blog/kinowear-lookbook-7 http://www.kinowear.com/blog/kinowear-lookbook-10 http://www.kinowear.com/blog/kinowear-lookbook-15 Of course, I'm not limiting my choices to those linked above, nor holding onto any of them. And other that looking and saying "that guy looks good" I'm clueless to everything "style". Therefore I ask: which is some recommended reading and way for developing a sense of style? Thanks for your help!


Distinguished Member
Dec 23, 2010
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People here would tell you to buy Flusser's book. I say to get a blazer and start wearing the hell out of it. Find what you like about it and what you don't like and buy the next thing to suit that. Just lurk here and there's plenty of good reading. A good place to start (IMO) is the "get foofed" thread. There's a lot of good discussion about fit there. Fit's the kinda thing we can help you with. We can't tell you how to dress like you.

Thanks SF (a new me)

Distinguished Member
Jan 18, 2011
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welcome to SF...

IMO, only you will/should decide the style you want to project...start with the WAYWRN threads..This will give you an idea of different style interpretation...

looks like the links you provided are more in line with the SW&D section the forum...

keep reading and eventually you will find what you are looking for...a few things i've learned so
far Fit, patience, use the search function

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