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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by bmulford, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Ever since a Givency briefcase popped up on B&S, I've been thinking about upgrading my black briefcase as I usually take a brown/cognac case with me daily. There have been a few posts about Aspinal, but little more than a side comment or two. Does anybody have direct experience with Aspinal? Quality of leather/workmanship? On a related note: It seems their UK website is still converting British Pounds to Dollars at an old exchange rate, or they just want to give a deal to people in the US. For example the document case is GBP 219, and USD 299 - about $100 under priced. Thoughts? [​IMG]
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    I have some small, albeit very positive, experience with Aspinal. A couple of weeks ago someone posted a link here on SF, so I checked it out, and found this:

    I had been wanting a leather bound A5-writing pad in such a colour for some time. Given the reasonable price, I thought my downside was limited, and I ordered it.

    Shipping was super-quick, one or two days from England to Germany. I'm very happy with the product, too. The "jewel" leather is a thin, pressed leather though, and while I like it for what it is, I can't vouch for the bridle leather. I'd order again, though next time I'll try to bundle a couple of things, because otherwise shipping is disproportionately expensive.

    I noticed the thing about the exchange rate, too, and tried to order in USD. Unfortunately, orders from the EURO zone are only accepted in GBP [​IMG] , so I did feel a bit taken for, but since the total amount of my order wasn't large, I sucked it up.

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