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Random Fashion Thoughts (Part 3: Style farmer strikes back) - our general discussion thread


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Dec 2, 2008
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lol. You guys only have black belts? I think that we are about 75% white belts, maybe 10% blue belts, and the rest advanced belts, with only currently two black belts, including the main instructor.

I can't find a picture of the gym (which I helped paint!) but it's all blue and white and super clean looking. We have a lot of mats, and then one side with workout equipment. and there a heavy bags and more specialized bags (upper cut bags, etc...) on along the sides. it's a big space.

It just opened in the spring of 2016, so most of the advanced bellts came in with colored belts already. I think that he has promoted maybe a half dozen people from white to purple belt, and then promoted a bunch of us up a belt or two. He has only promoted two people, both already brown belts to start with, to black belt.

I dunno about shorts with the uniform. It seems like a good way to deny toreando passes. I guess, but that's my go to for open guard standing passes.
Oh we had the whole rainbow, that was just a good pic of different uniform approaches from some of the instructors / visiting instructors we had in for a seminar. It was a pretty similar deal to what you mentioned, about a half dozen guys who had come up through to purple belt, plus two guys who were already purples/browns when they started who the owner has promoted to black. And then a mass of whites and blues below. Unfortunately the owner had to shut down permanently last year thanks to covid, landlord wouldn't work with him, so I'm a bit of a refugee right now. The space was awesome though, it was relatively small, but all the art was done by graffiti artist Ewok One which gave it a real cool vibe:


There was a mural of Rio on one side of the room with a mural of NYC on the other side (can't find a great pic of that though).


Shorts were' an every day thing, just on occasion during the summer during real hot days, and to be honest most of the joy I got out of wearing them was the annoyance it gave guys who like to play torreando :fence:


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Sep 5, 2011
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I was a brown belt in Judo, but since I stopped practicing a long time ago, I would be right back down at white if I picked it up again. The kung-fu sifu I had didn't believe in belts so even though I did many years of practice, I couldn't tell you what 'level' I was. Always a beginner, I guess...


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May 3, 2010
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Does anyone have suggestions on straw hats, preferably something with a wide brim? My scalp is just getting beat up this summer and I think it's time I get a summer hat.
no man has the sublime paper hat which seems like it's got a pretty good brim. i got the sublime paper/raffia hat but the brim is a little smaller than i would prefer on that model. i agree: big brim = good brim


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Apr 21, 2014
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Hey I totally get cha, I put lug soles on some LHS because I'm an absolute idiot. Are the ugly and mismatched? Hell yeah, do I think they are sick? Also hell yeah.

Oh, how are them dinks? I want some in cordovan some day but the price plus the fact that I can't fit check them keeps me away.
Seems totally reasonable to me, lol. Dinkelackers are great, up there as some of the nicest and coolest shoes I’ve ever handled. They’re pretty much TTS I’d say for the Budapester derby, but the sole is super stiff at first, so you get some heel slip.

EDIT: On a totally unrelated note, the car thread (featured on the home page) is extremely disappointing and seems to be full of the type of guys who wear tacky "IG rich guy outfits" (watch close-ups, corny luxury brands, skin tight pants, driving shoes) and hang around SW&D for a few weeks and then leave cause nobody cares about their Fendi belt buckle. Lesson: I should just stick to the four threads I usually frequent...
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Opposite Santa
Mar 8, 2002
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